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eGo-T Electronic Hookah

eGo-T E-Hookah

eGo-T is well known in the US market for its unique electronic hookah and electronic vapor products. Their top product, the eGo-T electronic hookah, has set a high standard that other e-hookah brands can only imitate. This is because eGo-T e-hookahs are designed to satisfy all your needs for a stylish, functional product that's great on the go.

If you have a need for a superior, smart, and stylish new way to smoke hookah, nothing does it better than eGo-T!

Hookah Free Shipping

Smoke on the Go with eGo-T

Your search for anywhere hookah smoking has ended with eGo-T! The eGo-T electronic cigarette, also called a vape pen, takes the ancient tradition of hookah smoking and brings it to the modern age. Now anyone can be a hookah enthusiast with an eGo-T ecig in their pocket. You can satisfy your hookah craving wherever you go with this rechargeable, refillable eGo T vapor cigarette. Simply plug in, charge up, and smoke away!

What's Inside an eGo T Vape Pen Starter Kit?

When you purchase the eGo-T electronic cigarette from, you're getting more than just the basic e-cig. The starter kit contains everything you need for easy e-hookah smoking. Here's what's included:

1. One USB Charger and Battery.
2. One Hookah Flavor Tank.
3. One User Manual.
4. One Hard Metal Carrying Case.
5. One eGo-T e-hookah.

The starter kit makes hookah smoking convenient and comfortable. The carrying case is not much bigger than the one for your glasses and makes it easy to store your e-cig and all its accessories in your back pocket or purse. The e-cig battery lasts for hours, and recharging it is a simple matter of finding a USB outlet to plug into. All these convenient items are included in the starter kit, making for one easy purchase.

Recharge and Refill with E-Liquid

Now you can enjoy some of your favorite hookah flavors while on the go with rechargeable, refillable eGo-T electronic hookah products. Unlike disposable e-hookahs, which you throw away after a limited number of puffs, you can get even more use out of your eGo-T and fill it with the flavors of your choice. Choose from our wide variety of e-liquid products and enjoy hookah the way you want. Because e-hookahs use e-liquid instead of tobacco, they produce no smoke - only a smoke-like vapor. The eGo T vaporizer inside every e-hookah turns the e-liquid into this vapor to give you the hookah flavor you know and love. And best of all, you get to spend less time setting up your tobacco leaves and coals and more time enjoying great hookah flavor!

Get Your Hookah Going with eGo-T

If you're ready to enjoy the great taste of hookah wherever you may be, check out our eGo T starter kits. These have everything you need in a single purchase, all for an affordable price. Make your hookah session go further with eGo-T!