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SouthSmoke Hookahs

Hookahs originated in the Middle East and are primarily manufactured in either Egypt or China. Beginning in the 15th century, hookah is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in the Middle East. What started as a coconut base with a tube and simple head has turned into a work of art using wood, stainless steel, aluminum among other materials.

SouthSmoke: The Original Online Hookah Store

Hookah Pipes generally come in three different sizes (small, medium, large) depending on the occasion but are offered in many different styles and appearances, including but not limited to such themes as Acrylic, Bohemian, Exotic, and Modern designs that cater to all different environments. Many famous brand names exist in the world of Hookah, including but not limited to Khalil Mamoon, Mya, and Vapor Hookahs. Hookahs are generally made out of aluminum, iron, zinc, brass, nickel, and steel materials to ensure an authentic and quality style appeal. The demand for variety in the Western world has yielded to Hookahs consisting of either one hose, or multiple hoses. Multiple Hose Hookahs are used on such occasions where more than one smoker desires to use the Hookah during the same smoking session, making it more convenient and less time consuming. Single Hose Hookahs still produce the best smoking experience available and offer the age-old customs of passing the Hookah to other smokers using proper etiquette guidelines.

Hookah Brands: Starbuzz, Khalil Mamoon, Mya Hookah & More

Hookahs ranging from traditional and classic to modern can be found at from top hookah brands such as Starbuzz Hookah, Mya Saray, Khalil Mamoon Hookah and Vapor Hookah. Take your pick from handmade traditional style hookahs made in Egypt from our huge collection of Khalil Mamoons. Ranging from tall to small, KM Hookah is at the top of the hookah industry when it comes to traditional hookahs. Looking for something a little classier? Our assortment of Mya Saray and Econo Mya hookahs bring an elegant feel with classy shapes and posh design elements. All at a budget price. Vapor Hookahs is a newer hookah manufacturer with a more modern look. At the cutting edge of new hookah designs, Vapor has a huge selection of state-of-the-art hookah pipes in several bright colors! Vapor Hookah also has a line of glass hookahs for those looking for the cleanest hookah session possible.

Find the Right Hookah for You

When looking for the best hookah for you, there are several factors to consider. Hookahs come in many different sizes, types and styles. The first thing to consider is the overall size of your hookah. A large hookah is more traditional and brings a feeling of class. A small hookah will be easier to move around and is more stable creating fewer accidents. Great for travel or smoking hookah in new places.

Types of Hookah

When buying a hookah, you have the choice of a single hose hookah or a multi hose hookah. A single hose will give you the best hookah experience because there is nowhere for excess air to escape. When smoking a single hose hookah with friends, use hookah etiquette as you pass the hookah hose around. A multi hose hookah may work better for some that smoke with friends more often eliminating the need to pass the hose. Be aware, when one person is smoking, the other will need to plug their hose so that air doesn't escape. Options are available in a 2 hose hookah, 3 hose hookah and 4 hose hookah.

Hookahs by Style

Along with hose options, hookahs come in several different styles. A traditional hookah, usually made in the Middle East, has a classic shape with simple designs and are usually brass or a combination of metals. An Egyptian hookah is very similar to a traditional style and made in Egypt. Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are the most popular Egyptian hookahs. Vapor Hookah makes a glass hookah that is a beautiful piece and gives you a very clean smoke. All pieces are made with blown glass including the adapters and hookah hose handle. Growing in popularity is the modern hookah. Sleek, simple designs usually made with stainless steel, wood or aluminum. Popular among young hookah enthusiasts. There are a ton of hookah options at SouthSmoke including a gun hookah, exotic hookah and acrylic hookah which works well for travel.

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