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Choose from the best shisha brands and hundreds of different flavor profiles. Find your favorites or discover something new for your hookah sessions.  

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      Transform any hookah smoke session into an out of this world experience with shisha tobacco. Combine the smooth and rich smoke from your favorite hookah with the flavors you love, and you are in for a good time! With the vast shisha tobacco selection found on, you are sure to not only find your favorite flavor but you might also find a new shisha tobacco flavor that you never even considered smoking before. Be surprised and delighted the first time you smoke the intriguing Grapefruit Mint or Margarita Freeze! You might even be the envy of your friends when you whip out a pack of the brand's Mint Colossus or Tropicool, so be prepared.

      The shisha tobacco available at is some of the finest on the market. From familiar and traditional smoking sensations to unique new shisha blends, we're certain you will find the shisha tobacco that's perfect for your home or hookah lounge on that will bring thick and long-lasting clouds of flavor.

      What is Shisha?

      Hookah shisha is a combination of tobacco, a binding agent like honey, glycerin or molasses, and flavorings from fruit or other natural juices. There are two main types of shisha tobacco in blonde, or washed, tobacco and dark leaf, or unwashed, tobacco. Blonde leaf shisha tobacco is suggested for people new to hookah or those that prefer a lighter smoke and less nicotine. The tobacco leaves in this type of shisha is washed before flavoring and additives are combined, lessening the nicotine content and creating an easier smoke.

      Dark leaf shisha tobacco on the other hand is an unwashed, usually burley, tobacco that brings a more tobacco-forward smoke and a higher nicotine content. Expect dark leaf shisha flavors to have more earthy undertones from the tobacco leaves used. This type of shisha tobacco is suggested for experienced hookah enthusiasts or those that have already built a nicotine tolerance.

      Hookah shisha tobacco is also known as "waterpipe tobacco", "narguile", or "argileh" and is heated with pieces of charcoal on top of a hookah bowl.

      Explore Hookah Tobacco Flavors or Restock on Your Favorite Shisha Tobacco

      In search of new hookah tobacco flavors to try? SouthSmoke has many brands and shisha flavor profiles to choose from! Take your pick from any fruit combination you can think of, or maybe a dessert shisha flavor like blueberry muffin, lemon loaf, or pumpkin pie. How do floral tobacco flavors sound to you? Try Afzal Tobacco's various Pan renditions or Nawar from Trifecta. If that doesn't do it for you, there's also tastes of chocolate mint, caramel, chai, or cinnamon cookies.

      You'll be sure to find a flavored tobacco to fit your taste. If you are searching SouthSmoke to restock on your favorite shisha tobacco, you've come to the right place. We deliver the most popular shisha tobacco flavors from all of the top hookah brands in many different sizes including 50g tobacco sample packs, 100g and 250g shisha cans, and 1kg hookah shisha tubs.

      Hookah Shisha Brands at SouthSmoke

      Only the best shisha tobacco brands fill the shelves at World-renowned shisha brands like Al Fakher Tobacco, Al-Amir Shisha, and Haze Hookah have some of the most popular shisha flavors on the planet! You can also find more traditional brands like Mazaya Tobacco with their famous French tobacco leaf shisha or Fantasia Tobacco with their wildly named shisha flavors.

      More modern shisha tobacco brands have recently been making a name for themselves in the hookah world and they shouldn't be overlooked. Fumari Shisha is bringing new, never-before-seen shisha flavors to the market on a consistent basis, and Trifecta Tobacco may just be the most creative hookah creator in the world. Take your pick of close to 20 top-of-the line shisha tobacco brands all at SouthSmoke!

      Thinking these flavors might not be what you're looking for? Never fear! has a wide variety of tobacco for hookah smokers of all types! Contact us today to get your smoke on with some of the most flavorful hookah tobacco you have ever smoked!

      What is hookah shisha?


      Hookah shisha, also known as "flavored tobacco", "shisha tobacco", or "flavored molasses" is a combustible tobacco meant to be smoked from a hookah or water pipe. Shisha is usually made up of a mixture of natural ingredients like tobacco, molasses, honey, glycerin, and flavoring juices.

      Can you mix shisha flavors? How do you mix shisha tobacco flavors?


      You can absolutely mix hookah shisha flavors! Get creative and make your own blends with the shisha flavors you purchase from There are several methods to mixing hookah flavors and we have a great blog all about it. You can learn How to Mix Shisha Tobacco.

      What is the best way to store hookah tobacco or herbal shisha?


      Shisha tobacco and herbal shisha should be stored in an airtight container like a Ziploc bag, Tupperware, or glass jar in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. If stored correctly, hookah shisha can retain freshness and quality for at least one year.

      How long will a bowl of shisha last when smoking?


      How long your hookah session will last depends on many variables including the amount of tobacco used, your packing method, the hookah bowl material and style, as well as the type and amount of hookah charcoal.

      Most hookah bowls will hold roughly 20g of shisha tobacco and perform best while using 2-3 natural coconut charcoal cubes, resulting in an hour long session in most cases. If your shisha is still producing smoke and flavor, you can add more coals. Quick-lighting charcoal may provide shorter sessions as they do not produce a high heat output.

      How much hookah charcoal should I buy with my shisha tobacco?


      We recommend buying a 1kg box of natural coconut charcoal cubes with each 250g box of hookah shisha. A smoking session usually needs at least 2-3 charcoal cubes and around 20g of shisha tobacco. If you prefer quick-light hookah charcoal, you may only use 1-2 charcoal tablets per hookah session depending on the size of your hookah bowl.