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Get the best charcoal for your hookah smoke sessions. Find quick-lighting and natural hookah charcoal in various sizes and shapes from the top brands. 

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      Our Coconut Charcoal Can Offer You an Exotic Experience


      We also carry a variety of exotic coconut charcoal offerings for your hookah. This type of shisha coal is gaining serious recognition as one of the hottest new ways to smoke hookah! Coconut charcoal is great hookah charcoal because it doesn't need to be ashed off or rotated on the bowl. They are made from ultra-fine ground coconut shells to give you a long-lasting, even smoke, and their unique shape allows for ultimate and continued stoke throughout your smoke. Coconut charcoal is non-quick lighting charcoal and takes 6-8 minutes to light on a hookah coal burner.

      Top brands such as CocoNara and Starbuzz's CocoBuzz are leading the coconut coal revolution. This is unique hookah charcoal that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Many of our customers have tried coconut coals and have never gone back!

      Want a Quick Smoke Session? Use Quick Lighting Hookah Coals!

      We have a huge selection of quick lighting hookah charcoals for you to choose from. If you are in need of a faster-starting smoking session, quick lighting hookah coal products are what you need! This type of hookah coal is perfect for hookah smokers on the go.

      We are proud to carry Three Kings Charcoal, which many consider to be the original quick lighting hookah charcoal brand on the market. This hookah coal comes directly from Holland and is known worldwide for its quality. It is odorless as well as tasteless, and therefore does not interfere with your hookah flavors. This is exactly how a top quality quick lighting hookah charcoal should be!

      Many have found plenty to like among our other quick lighting hookah coal brands. Al-Fakher and Miraculum charcoal are household names among hookah smokers, offering you dependable brand-name quality to your quick lighting shisha charcoal.

      Hookah Accessories for Hookah Coals - Coal Burner

      Depending on whether you are using natural or quick light hookah charcoal, you need to know how to light hookah coals property. We recommend making your smoke session easier by using one of our convenient hookah accessories.

      Lighting hookah coals can work fine with a disposable lighter, but if you want more efficiency from your coals you'll want to grab a torch lighter. These trendy accessories can ignite quick lighting hookah charcoal with ease. For longer-burning coals such as wood hookah coals or coconut hookah coals, you'll want to use an electric coal burner. We have several electric burner options for you to choose from that can apply even heat to your high-quality hookah coal products.

      Our wide variety of hookah charcoal is sure to suit the needs of all hookah smokers. Whether you prefer to smoke quickly of quick lighting hookah coals or enjoy the slower burn of CocoNara coconut hookah coals, we've got just the shisha charcoal you need for your next hookah session.

      What is the Best Charcoal for Hookah?


      All-natural coconut charcoal has many benefits over quick lighting hookah charcoal and many hookah enthusiasts prefer this style. Coconut coals provide longer, cleaner hookah sessions with no negative effect on your shisha tobacco.

      Where Can I Buy Hookah Coals?

      carries all styles, sizes and brands of hookah charcoal. Buy coconut charcoal for an clean, untainted hookah smoke or quick light coals for convenience and ease of setup.

      How Long Does Coconut Charcoal Last?


      There are many sizes and shapes to coconut charcoal but average burn time for a single coconut charcoal cube is around 45 minutes. Coconut flats may be closer to 30 minutes. 2 to 3 coconut cubes will provide a hookah session up to one and a half hours.

      What is Quick Light Charcoal?


      Quick light coals for hookah are hookah charcoal that can be lit quickly. Some charcoal brands in as little as 30 seconds with an open flame like a torch or cigarette lighter. Benzene, a flammable chemical, or another accelerant is used in production to help quick light charcoal ignite itself! Be sure to fully light your coals to burn off all quick lighting chemicals before smoking.