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Find everything you need for your hookah set up whether it be a replacement piece or an upgrade. Shop for anything from the best hookah hoses, shisha bowls, heat management devices to hookah tongs, hookah foil, ball bearings, and more. 

Hookah Accessories




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      Achieve a Better Smoke with Hookah Accessories

      Some hookah parts and accessories can become worn or dirty over time. If you're like us and enjoy smoking hookah on a regular basis, you have got to make sure your hookah and hookah accessories are in good condition. We offer all the accessories and replacement hookah parts you need for great smoke sessions all the time.

      We distribute only the highest quality hookah accessories. From durable hookah bowls to top-quality metal trays, these items ensure long-lasting enjoyment for years to come. Replace them as needed or configure a brand new hookah set up for a fresh experience. Or if you? re up to using a little elbow grease, our cleaning supplies include convenient cleaning solutions and brushes to help you regularly maintain your hookah for absolute best results with your favorite hookah.

      Need help making big smoke clouds? You can easily impress hookah vets and newcomers alike with the help of our hookah accessories. We have just the right size of hookah tray for you to pack your hookah charcoal and get the ideal airflow. You'll be making enormous clouds with the help of one of our phunnel hookah bowls, specially designed to support the creation of big smoke clouds.

      Hookah Parts and Accessories for Every Budget

      With, hookah smoking doesn't have to cost a fortune. You can set up your own hookah bar right at home with our one-stop hookah shop. We offer everything you need at a range of price points to get you the perfect smoke session.

      If you have to have the very best in the hookah world, has you covered. We offer you premium hookah parts and accessories for your high-end hookahs. From ball bearings and pressure release valves to stem adapters for your cherished Vapor hookah, you can find parts for the world's top hookah brands right here at

      Affordable Hookah Parts and Wholesale Hookah Accessories

      We have affordable solutions for your hookah needs. With hookah parts that fit any style of hookah to discounted prices on top-selling items, we work with you to make sure nothing stops you from smoking hookah when you want.

      We also offer hookah accessories wholesale. Sign up for a hookah wholesale account and distribute your own high-quality hookah parts and accessories today!

      Top-of-the-Line Hookah Tech at

      We offer a range of high-tech hookah accessories that can make your smoke session more convenient and fun. A wide range of heat management systems offer you a way to regulate and better manage your coals? heat. These can definitely get you on the way to faster and more frequent hookah smoke sessions! Infrared charcoal burners revolutionize the way you light your coals, making for a speedier, more efficient smoke session.

      You can even add extra fun and flavor to your next hookah party. An LED hookah lights set can illuminate your hookah vase in a way that is safe and totally fun.

      What Hookah Parts Do I Need to Smoke?


      There are several hookah parts needed to enjoy a hookah smoking session. They include the hookah stem, vase, ash tray, hookah bowl, hose, and rubber grommets to connect the parts. Some hookahs also include a removable hose port and purge valve.

      What are the Best Hookah Accessories to Have?


      When you are ready to upgrade your hookah pipe with hookah accessories, we recommend first starting with a silicone hookah hose as it is washable and a modern, phunnel hookah bowl as they work well with modern shisha brands that contain more juices.

      What is a Hookah Heat Management Device?


      A Heat Management Device (HMD) sits on top of your hookah bowl and is used to hold the coconut coals and give you more control of the heat distribution over the shisha tobacco. Many are produced using metal and feature adjustable venting to control airflow.

      Why Should I Buy a Silicone Hookah Hose?


      A silicone hookah hose is a great way to improve your hookah sessions. The silicone is washable and will not ghost shisha flavors, molasses and flavoring juices will not soak into the material. This means that if washed between smoking sessions, each new flavor will be untainted by the previous blend.