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Haze Shisha

Haze Tobacco

Haze Tobacco rises above the competition with their premium, handcrafted blends. Hookah hasn't been the same since this USA-based hookah flavored tobacco company came onto the scene. Haze Tobacco is manufactured by 25-year veterans of the hookah tobacco industry.

They know that quality ingredients make a great hookah session as much as the company you smoke with. The Haze tobacco for sale at represents the very best that USA-made hookah tobacco has to offer. Haze Tobacco is available in three lines: Haze Shisha, Jazze Pha Shisha, and Cheech and Chong Shisha. Whichever you choose, you'll be sure to have an unforgettable smoke.

Hookah Free Shipping

Try the Intense Taste of Haze Tobacco

Haze Tobacco specializes in unforgettable flavors. If you like hookah best when you're smoking out-of-control tastes, Haze Tobacco is for you. We offer three premium lines for you to choose from. With a wide variety of flavors for every kind of taste, this is some of the best tobacco for hookah. We're sure you'll find something to like!

Haze Premium Hookah Shisha

Haze Shisha is the premium line of Haze hookah tobacco. These aren't your usual flavors here. Try the sweet tang of 5 Cents a Cup (Pink Lemonade) or Frozen Lakes (Watermelon Beverage). You might prefer the refreshing tropical flavor of Coco Roast (Roasted Coconut). Or sip on Seduction (Citrus Fruits) or try a taste of Intensity (Spiced Flavor). And what better note to end on than the creamy Chaitastic (Creamy Caramel Chai) for dessert?

Haze Jazze Pha Hookah Flavors

Jazze Pha Shisha is your ticket to good times! Inspired by hip hop artist Jazze Pha, this line of Haze hookah tobacco is sure to get the party started. Three unique flavors offer up a serving of high energy fun. Candy Apple Love hits that sweet tooth craving, while Oh Boy Explosion offers up uncommon flavor with a Spicy Sweet Peach. The evocative Panty Droppa is a combination of Juicy Watermelon Bubblegum that is sure to be a hit.

Haze Cheech and Chong Shisha

Cheech and Chong shisha is for fun lovers only. Named after the comedy pair of the same name, Cheech and Chong hookah tobacco has many flavors for you and your pals to try. Start off strong with Lite It Up (Sweet Banana Smoothie) and follow it up with Nice Dreams (Berry Margarita.) Or enjoy Still Smoking (Red Berries with Hints of Pineapple) for those long smoke sessions.

What's in Every Stack N Haze Container

Inside every Stack N Haze can of Haze hookah tobacco is a world of flavor. Haze Tobacco knows you can't afford to skimp out on good times. That's why they include only the best. Each can is packed with the thickest molasses and high quality flavor. So go ahead and pile it on your hookah. We offer Haze Shisha in 50g, 100g, and 250g cans. The 50g cans are available at an affordable price - perfect if you want to try them all! Jazze Pha shisha and Cheech and Chong shisha comes in 100g and 250g cans. All the better to try them with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haze Hookah Shisha?

Haze Tobacco is hookah flavored tobacco that was created in the US but is now produced in Poland. Known for their premium, handcrafted blends. Haze Tobacco is available in three sizes: Haze 100g flavors, 250g and 1kg tobacco sizes.

What are the best Haze Shisha Flavors?

The most popular Haze Tobacco flavors are Haze Cucumberita, Haze Sub-Zero, Haze OMG, and Haze Double Bubble.