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Hookah Rubber Grommets

Hookah Rubber Grommets

Hookah rubber grommets are the key to any high quality smoking experience, as they primarily hold the hookah together as a whole. Hookah rubber grommets from are used to form an airtight seal for each section of hookah the which help you enjoy a complete hookah experience.

Airtight seals are critical to the everyday use of your hookah, and if one fails due to a worn-out grommet it could be disastrous to your hookah enjoyment. Replace yours today for your Mya, Chinese, or Egyptian style hookah.

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Types and Styles of Hookah Rubber Grommets

Your average hookah is comprised of several parts -- hose, bowl, vase, and shaft. Hookah grommets help hold it all together. Different types of rubber grommets are for the hose, bowl, and vase of the hookah. These pieces connect to the stem via rubber grommet to achieve an airtight seal. All rubber grommets are made from rubber or rubber silicone, and can come in black, white, or clear.

Rubber hookah grommets also come in distinct styles that are specially designed to fit specific kinds of hookahs. Mya, Chinese, and Egyptian hookah grommets connect the vase, hose, and bowl to the stem of the hookah pipe. Vase grommets vary in size according to the style of hookah.

Egyptian vase grommets come in:

  • * Small - 14" to 24" hookahs
  • * Medium - 24" to 28" hookahs
  • * Large - 28" to 35" hookahs

Chinese vase grommets dimensions:

  • * Small -2 x 2 x 0.75 inches
  • * Medium/Large - 2.63 x 2.62 x 1.125 inches

Mya hookahs are a different breed of hookah, and as such require unique vase grommets. We offer the following Mya hookah rubber grommets:

  • * Small Mya vase
  • * Inner Mya vase
  • * Outer Mya vase
  • * Mya O Ring vase
  • * Thunder Mya vase

NOTE: Please keep in mind your style of hookah when buying hookah grommets. This will ensure a proper fit and seal. Please call us at 888-577-6653 before you order to get the correct fitting for your hookah pipe.

Having a Hookah That Will Last

While most hookah accessories are used to enhance your hookah smoking experience, hookah rubber grommets are essential. Your hookah simply won't stand up without them. Replace your grommets as needed to keep your hookah in good working condition.

We also recommend you clean your hookah regularly to increase its longevity. Disconnect each piece, including the rubber grommets, and wash with warm water and a cleaning solution. Leave out to dry before connecting the pieces back together with the grommets.

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