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Miraculum Charcoal

Miraculum Charcoal

A new miracle in quick lighting charcoal has been found with the introduction of the Miraculum brand. Miraculum Hookah Charcoal's unique formula allows for the charcoal to light faster as well as maintain a more even and consistent burn throughout a hookah session. Miraculum Coals do not interfere with the flavor of hookah tobacco, making them the most sought after quick lighting charcoal brand available.

Quick lighting coals from Miraculum Charcoal are produced in Holland and designed just for hookah.

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Miraculum Quick Light Charcoal

A popular quick light charcoal that carries heat well and burns much longer than other charcoal brands. Miraculum Coals are known for very fast light up times but also a long and consistent burn. The round hookah coals disperse heat very well across your hookah bowl. Just one round hookah coal is needed on foil to carry your next hookah session. Light with an open flame and savor every ounce of your shisha's flavor.

Miraculum quick lighting charcoal is available in 33mm and 40mm circular tablets in rolls of 10 or boxes with ten rolls, a total of one hundred individual charcoals per box. The burning time for this charcoal is about 30-45 minutes per coal, perfect for a conveniently quick hookah session.

How to Light Miraculum Charcoal

Miraculum Charcoal fires up in record time when lit with a small open flame. Use a handheld lighter or small torch. Hold near the coal and watch them ignite. Before you know it, the Miraculum Hookah Charcoal will be fully lit and ready for use on your hookah. When lighting your Miraculum coals or when moving coals, always use hookah tongs to protect those digits.

Buy Miraculum Hookah Charcoal at

Purchase the most sought after quick lighting hookah charcoal, Miraculum Charcoal in several different sizes right now at! Be ready to light your coals at anytime and anywhere with the convenience of Miraculum Hookah Coals. A small open flame lighter or torch will have you smoking hookah before you know it. Simple to light and easy to use, Miraculum Charcoal may be the best hookah charcoal option for you.

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