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Carbopol Charcoal

Carbopol Coals

Carbopol is a Polish based manufacturer of high quality quick light hookah charcoal. The founder of Carbopol is said to have created the formula for quick light charcoal, a revolutionary formula that has become one of the most popular and requested hookah charcoals in the industry. These coals are free of nitre chemical elements and are considered a natural product.

Carbopol is responsible for the Crown Hookah Charcoal and Ring Charcoal Brands.

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Crown Quick Light Charcoal - Quick Light Coal with Air Heat Technology

Crown Hookah Charcoal from Carbopol is considered one of the best quality quick lighting charcoals available. These are the only quick light hookah coals with air heat technology. While ordinary charcoals heat tobacco by heat coming from burning charcoal, Crown coals heat the flavored tobacco using hot air. The shape of each individual Crown Charcoal is designed specifically to allow hot air to move freely, which makes it easier to pull and enjoy your hookah session with full relaxation and comfort. It is very quick to ignite and does not require adjusting while it is on the hookah bowl Crown Charcoal is made from a blend of European origin wood material. A mixture of organic and food-based ingredients is what allows for the rapid ignition of this charcoal. No nitrate or sulfur is used to produce this charcoal and they are completely odorless so you can enjoy only the taste of your shisha tobacco.

How to Use Crown Hookah Charcoal

Crown works well with any hookah bowl, make sure to use these flat side up. Tip from the manufacturers: make more holes under the charcoal and fewer holes around the edge to help heat tobacco evenly. Crown charcoals are strong pressed making them denser compared to other quick light charcoals, so your coal will heat quickly and last up to 60 minutes.

Ring Charcoal - Quick Light Charcoal Rolls

Ring Charcoal from Carbopol is considered the original ring shaped quick lighting hookah charcoal brand on the market. Ring quick light coals feature a unique "ring" design which results in what some call the quickest lighting quick light coal on the market. These coals are odorless and tasteless, so they do not interfere with the flavor of shisha tobacco. Manufactured in the European Union and specifically designed for smoking with the hookah, Ring Charcoals are known for their quality.

Advantages of Ring Hookah Coals

Each Ring Charcoal is designed to allow for air flow through the coal, which results in the coal staying lit throughout the entire smoke session. Their shape offers more surface area which allows for efficient combustion.

How to Use Ring Charcoal

A 38mm Ring hookah coal can be completely lit in just 30 seconds using just a regular cigarette lighter. Each coal will last you about 40 minutes. Ring Coals complement the Vortex and Phunnel Bowls very well because they do not generate direct heat over the center spire. Ring Charcoal burns slightly warmer than many other quick light hookah charcoals, resulting in less charcoal per session.

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