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Glass Hookahs

Glass Hookahs

Are you looking for a revolutionary way to smoke shisha? Welcome to the world of the glass hookah. Never before has smoking shisha been this kind of smooth experience.

Glass Hookahs have completely changed the game and revamped the age old form of Shisha smoking by creating an all glass Hookah concept.

Hookah Free Shipping

All-Glass Hookah

This new glass on glass hookah offers all-new and improved functionality and performance. But, any shisha smoker knows hookahs are about tradition. So while these improvements were made, the clear glass hookah maintains the familiar enjoyable and contemporary smoking experience.

Vapor Glass Hookah

Made of laboratory-grade glass, the glass hookah is strong and durable and offers a unique Silicone Style Hose, promoting both elegance and simplicity. An added benefit to the Vapor Glass Hookah is that it can be easily broken down for the easiest of cleaning and storage. Never before has your hookah seen this level of care. Check out a glass hookah of your own today by browsing South Smoke's selections.

Al-Fakher Glass Hookahs

Take the Al-Fakher Glass Hookah. This first-of-its-kind glass hookah changed the hookah smoking game completely. Made entirely of glass, the Al-Fakher Hookah smokes like a dream, just like the traditional Hookahs you know and love. All glass hookahs sold on come with a protective carrying case making storage of your hookah simple. Whether you're looking for actual smoking capabilities, or an item for decoration, a glass hookah is the answer.

Premium Glass Hookahs at

Be ready to experience shisha in an entirely new way. Give yourself the pleasure of smoking one of the many Vapor Glass Hookahs and see what the all glass hookah trend is about. At South Smoke, we're confident that once you try a glass hookah, it will be very hard going back to a traditional-style hookah.

Not finding what you're looking for still? At, we're confident we have the hookah or hookah accessory for you. Please visit our online store and contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Glass Hookahs Smoke Better?

The benefit of an all-glass hookah is the absence of all metal materials and rubber grommets that could taint the shisha smoke. Glass on glass connections create an airtight seal throughout the shisha pipe for an unrivaled smoke. The cleanest, purest hookah smoking session available.

What are the Best Glass Hookah Brands?

Vapor Glass Hookahs produces premium all-glass hookahs with laboratory grade, hand-blown glass. Single hose and multiple hose glass hookahs are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Do Glass Hookahs Need Rubber Grommets?

Most glass hookahs including the Vapor Glass Hookahs available at, use an all glass assembly for perfect fitment. Each hookah part is made of glass and securely attaches to the hookah stem. No rubber grommets are needed to smoke an all-glass hookah.

Can I Customize My Glass Hookah?

Customizations on glass hookahs are limited. The vase and hookah stem are usually one piece meaning they are not interchangeable. You can use other hookah bowls and hookah hoses with the correct rubber grommets on some glass hookahs.

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