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E-Liquid Hookah Products

E-Liquid E-Hookah Products

Smoking e-hookah is impossible without the right e-liquid! E-liquid hookah products are the next new idea in hookah smoking, offering portability and enjoyment without the effort of setting up your traditional hookah pipe. We at have a great assortment of e-liquid for you to choose from and offer you fantastic flavors at a great price.

Hookah Free Shipping

Recharge with E-Hookah, Powered by E-Liquid

E-liquid, also known as vape liquid, vape juice, or e juice, is meant to be used with rechargeable e-hookah pens. These are perfect for vaping while at work, at class, or on the go. All you have to do is pour your e-liquid into your pen and you are good to go!

Rechargeable e-hookah pens let you enjoy a great vaping experience without all the fire and ash of traditional hookahs. These marvels of technology let you carry the fun and flavor of a hookah right in your pocket. And since they are rechargeable, you'll never find yourself out of juice as long as you bring enough e-liquid with you.

Try the Variety of Vaping Flavors from

We carry e-hookah flavors that are every bit as exciting as our traditional hookah flavors. Taste is everything for a hookah smoker, and we know that you require the most from your smoking and vaping sessions. Our vaping liquids come in all the familiar flavors you know and love from your favorite brands, including Fantasia, Hookafina, and Starbuzz.

All of the e-liquid products available at are completely tobacco-free and tar-free. This is because e-liquid produces vapor, not smoke, and can be found less harsh to those with more sensitive smoking habits. All our options are manufactured right in the United States, making them the best e-liquid smoke juice around!

Take These Top Hookah Brands on the Go

We at carry all the top hookah brands, and our e-liquid options are no exception. We have brought together some of the most prominent names in vaping to let you experience the latest way to smoke hookah. If you're more of a traditional hookah smoker, fear not'some of your favorite brands have entered the e-hookah scene with their own lines of vape liquid.

Our Fantasia vaping liquid comes in both nicotine and nicotine-free bottles. Both offer identical flavors, but the nicotine flavors offer you that familiar kick you might be looking for. Fantasia is known for their awesome mixed flavors, including Adios M@#%+&!, Dragons Breath, Pink Lemonade, Purple Haze, and many more. Available in 15 ml bottles, you can bet you'll love having Fantasia hookah in your pocket.

Classic hookah users will find plenty to like among our Hookafina vaping liquid options. We carry traditional hookah favorites such as Butterscotch, Pineapple, Double Apple, Blueberry, and Pink Grapefruit. Hookafina 15 ml bottles offer distinguished smokers the perfect way to keep the flavorful fun going.

Love to smoke Starbuzz? has you covered. We've got Black Mint, Coco Jumbo, Golden Grape, Simply Mango, and Tangerine Dream just to name a few. These unique flavors are available in 30 ml bottles, offering you bigger bang for your buck.

All the E-Hookah Essentials are at

Whether you're looking for a more convenient way to smoke or are interested in trying out the future of hookah, is your solution. We've got the best e-liquids for vaping and the highest quality rechargeable e-hookah pens you need to satisfy your smoke and vape craving. We also offer you disposable e-hookah pens to unlock a new level of convenience for your vaping needs.

We are always getting new e-hookah flavors and products in stock all the time. Be sure to keep checking back at to make sure you're current with all the latest that hookah has to offer!