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Hookah Wind Covers

Hookah Wind Covers

Ideal for outdoor hookah smoking, a hookah wind cover helps maintain the heat from your hookah charcoal. Sometimes called a hookah wind cover, it also protects your coals from wind, allowing your hookah tobacco to disperse evenly.

You can find a hookah wind cover that caters to any type of hookah pipe from the selection here at Choose from a variety of hookah wind cover styles, available now and affordable.

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When Do You Want a Hookah Wind Cover?

Although they are commonly used for outdoor smoking, hookah wind covers are useful indoors as well. Anywhere that gets windy is a great place for having a wind screen, and that includes houses. Hookah can be a refreshing pastime during the summer months, but it can get pretty warm with all the windows closed up. However, a constant cross breeze could cool your coals down, and that isn't ideal. A hookah wind cover allows you to have a cool smoking session without affecting your coal heat.

Hookah Wind Cover Shapes and Styles

Like all of our hookah accessories, wind covers come in a wide range of styles. You should expect the same variety from your wind covers as you do your hookah. Our selection offers you many sizes, styles, and shapes to help you have the best hookah experience possible.Please note that sizes may vary a little due to these products handmade nature.

Our basic hookah windscreens are lightweight and affordable. It stands 7" high with a 4" diameter that fits over most bowls. The design is smart and simple, and it will help you smoke more efficiently. You may also choose a jumbo hookah wind cover, which offers a half inch more height and diameter for larger hookah needs.

The silicone hookah windscreen is a convenient choice. It is heat resistant, keeping it cool to the touch while protecting your coals. Then when you're finished, you just fold it up and store it away.

Looking for a little more style? The Taj resembles the impressive Taj Mahal. Or you may prefer the more organized look of the Pagoda. Although both of these have an exotic appeal, you might think the multi-layered look of the Quad Metal wind cover has what you're looking for.

Whether you're smoking on the patio, in your home, or wherever your coal heat is at stake, a wind cover for hookahs can be a valuable purchase. Choose one today and never worry about your coals again.

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