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Fantasia Herbal Shisha

Fantasia Herbal Shisha

Fantasia Tobacco company is well known in the US market for its unique flavors and intense smoking experience. Fantasia Hookah Flavors Company has now entered the Herbal Shisha (Non-Tobacco) market in its quest to please Hookah smokers worldwide with both tobacco and herbal molasses products.

With over twenty flavors to choose from, experience what Fantasia Herbal Shisha is all sells the best herbal shisha products available online. Herbal shisha is taking the hookah world by storm due to its high impact of flavor and lack of nicotine. It's perfect for those who wish to stay away from nicotine but want to enjoy the delicious taste of shisha.

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What's Inside Fantasia Herbal Shisha?

Inside each package of Fantasia herbal shisha, is top quality, organic herbs and all-natural flavorings. It is 100% tar and nicotine free, which is perfect for our alternative hookah enthusiasts. These top quality ingredients really help make any session with Fantasia herbal shisha 100% perfect. Fantasia herbal shisha is available in 50g boxes that make approximately 2 to 5 bowls each, so they are perfect for sampling new herbal shisha flavors or for travel!

Pick Your Favorite Flavor with Fantasia's Shisha Offerings

Herbal shisha offers you some of the most diverse flavors you can find. Fantasia flavors takes this a step further with their herbal shisha by providing unique, invigorating flavors. You'll love trying them all!

Choose fantastic Fantasia molasses in 4 Play, Adios M@#%+&!, Blueberry, Cuban Mojito, Dirty Blonde, Dragons Breath, Golden Double Apple, ICE Mint, Incredible, Magic Dragon, Mary Jane, Menage, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Pink Lemonade, Purple Haze, Rainbow Burst, Red Melon, Screwdriver, Surfer, and Wild Mango.

Try Fantasia Herbal Shisha from Today

If you're looking for a great social hookah session, you can't go wrong with herbal shisha made by a name brand like Fantasia. You already know the quality that goes into all Fantasia hookah tobacco and charcoal . The solid brand combined with the quality of the ingredients will give you great-tasting hookah every time.

We at are proud to sell you Fantasia's brand of shisha. Whether you're ordering hookah wholesale products or simply restocking your personal stash, we want to get Fantasia herbal shisha to you quickly and at an affordable price. Because herbal shisha contains no tobacco, you won't have to pay the usual high tobacco tax to get the hookah flavors you crave. So why not try herbal shisha?

Contact us today to make your order. We're here to answer all your questions.