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Khalil Mamoon Shisha

Khalil Mamoon Tobacco

With over 100 years of experience, Khalil Mamoon delivers with the next masterpiece of Hookah shisha Tobacco! KM Tobacco offers handcrafted artisan flavors with flavor profiles beyond your imagination!

Khalil Mamoon Tobacco offers a large variety of flavors in 100g, 250g, ang 1kg size containers. Check out the selection available at and experience hookah the Khalil Mamoon way!

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Khalil Mamoon Tobacco: The Consistent And Affordable Hookah Tobacco

What makes KM Hookah shisha stand out from the crowd of other hookah flavors? Some companies want you to pay top dollar, but Khalil Mamoon makes their tobacco product affordable for all. The makers of Khalil Mamoon Tobacco know not all hookah smokers can afford all the latest flavors. Those who don't have the means to try every new flavor on the market must choose their purchases carefully. Sound familiar? Then KM Tobacco is for you!

Get the Tastes You Crave with Khalil Mamoon Shisha

Of course, affordability means nothing without a great taste to back it up. And khalil mamoon hookah tobacco offers both! A staggering amount of flavors are available from Khalil Mamoon. Every fruit flavor you can imagine is here. Choose from Bombay Masala to Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla and plenty of others in between! Khalil Mamoon also knows how to pair the perfect companion flavor to many of their basic tastes. Whatever you're craving, there's a good chance Khalil Mamoon shisha will have what you want. You'll love how Cactus Lime makes your smoke practically melt in your mouth. And for those hot summer days, the taste of California Dream is just like a refreshing popsicle.

Although Khalil Mamoon offers an affordable product, they don't skimp on quality. Honey, glycerin, and that special KM molasses are the ingredients for a good time. Khalil Mamoon tobacco leaves give you a smoke with big smoke clouds full of refreshing flavor. A lot of thought goes into making each Khalil Mamoon flavor a cut above the competition. You'll have to think hard which one to try next!

Try Khalil Mamoon Tobacco Today! Now Available at

If you're always struggling to balance quality versus price, Khalil Mamoon is the brand for you. They offer you the perfect blend of affordability and taste in the flavors you love. Get some of this fresh new brand of hookah tobacco while you still can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Khalil Mamoon or Khalil Maamoon?

Because of the translation of the brand name from Middle Eastern languages to English, there are several different spellings including both Khalil Mamoon and Khalil Maamoon Hookah. Both are the authentic KM brand.

What is Khalil Mamoon?

Khalil Mamoon is a hookah and shisha tobacco manufacturer in Egypt that is known for premium quality, traditional style hookahs and bold hookah shisha flavors.

What are the best Khalil Mamoon Shisha flavors?

There are many creative Khalil Mamoon hookah flavors to choose from. Some of the most popular KM shisha flavors include Black Orange, Berry Mix, Blueberry Mint, Cactus Lime and Fakhfakhina.