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Electronic Hookah

Electronic Hookah

Electronic hookah is the new style of portable, travel-friendly hookahs. An electronic hookah is easy to use with no setup required and are completely electronic. If you are looking for a convenientalternative to traditional hookahs, want a wide variety of flavors, and like to smoke quickly without lots of prep time, an electronic hookah may be right up your alley.

We at have an astounding variety of top e-hookah brands and delicious flavors for you to choose from. Browse our rechargeable and disposable electronic hookah selection, make your choice, and start smoking in the way of the future!

Find Top Brands of Electronic Shisha Pens carries all the top electronic shisha pens. If you're worried you're leaving behind the classic, traditional hookah brands you know and love, don't despair! Many of the hookah world's top brands have ventured into the electronic hookah space, including Starbuzz, Fantasia, and Hookafina. These creators of premier shisha and herbal shisha have put in every effort to produce quality e-liquid with a ton of unique flavors.

Several brands we carry, Starbuzz and Fantasia in particular, offer you two different ways to smoke e-hookah. Fantasia's e-cig offerings are hard to beat, as each e-cig offers you up to 800 puffs per pen! Or if you're attracted to the Starbuzz brand, their disposable e-cig products are an affordable option too. If refilling is more your style, Fantasia also makes a great rechargeable starter kit. This product offers you a convenient package with everything you need to enter the e-smoking scene, including USB charger, battery, flavor tank, and one Fantasia e-liquid bottle.

We at wouldn't leave you high and dry when it comes to your favorite brands. For as new as the e-hookah scene is, we've got you covered with the latest and greatest products.

Electronic Hookah: The Ideal Smoke for The Modern Age

When you want hookah flavors on the go, an electronic hookah is just the thing to get you there. Electronic hookah, also known as electronic shisha or e-hookah, offers you the same quality smoke as your regular hookah but with a futuristic twist.

"What is an electric hookah? That's a question we hear a lot. Rather than carry around your giant hookah to satisfy your cravings, electronic hookahs offer you a low-key, affordable, convenient option for you to smoke hookah. Instead of using hookah charcoal to heat your hookah, an e-hookah uses a vaporizer that turns your e shisha into delicious vapor clouds. E-shisha, more commonly known as e-liquid, can refill certain models of electronic hookahs with tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and tar-free hookah liquid.

Add High Tech Fun to Your Hookah Session

We at carry fun electronic hookah accessories that can enhance your regular smoke session. For you data-minded hookah smokers who are always keeping up on the latest trends with your high tech smartphones, you'll love products such as the Vortex E-Vapor hookah bowl. Simply fit one of these electronic hookah bowls on top of your normal hookah to vaporize all your favorite e-liquid and e-juice. And what's more, these hookah bowls have an LED display that you can use to track your hookah sessions and compare info with your friends. It's truly a product for the digital age!

Hookahs have been around a long time. Now that technology has caught up to tradition, it was only a matter of time before some truly revolutionary hookahs were invented! Rechargeable e-hookah pens let you refill your pen with all your favorite hookah flavors, while disposable e-hookahs make on-the-go hookah smoking easy wherever you are!

Whichever style you choose, an electronic hookah is a true marvel of hookah smoking! We're confident you'll love what e-hookah has to offer.

Blog: What is an Electronic Hookah?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E Hookah?

Electronic Hookah is an alternative way to smoke shisha flavors without the need for a hookah pipe. E Hookah comes in several forms including disposable hookah pens like vape pens, rechargeable electronic hookah pens, and e hookah heads. All use e-liquid flavors instead of traditional shisha tobacco.

How Long Do E Hookah Pens Last?

There are many different type of e hookah pens and each is used slightly different. A disposable vape pen may have a specific puff count before needing to be thrown away, usually around 320 puffs, while a rechargeable e hookah pen has a battery that can be recharged for continued use.

What is an E Hookah Head?

This electronic hookah option is used along with a hookah pipe for a more traditional style hookah smoking session but with the use of vape juice instead of hookah shisha. The vape mod style e hookah sits atop the shisha pipe like a hookah bowl and passes vapor through the hookah.

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