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Eternal Smoke Shisha

Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Eternal Smoke is a premium hookah tobacco brand that is known for their unique flavors, a great consistency, and massive clouds. Eternal Smoke is a real crowd pleaser and enjoyable for any level connoisseur.

Eternal Smoke offers six different lines of unique and authentic shisha flavors. Those are the Cool Series, Enjoy Series, Extreme Series, Guess What! Series, Mix Series, and Romance Series.

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Eternal Smoke - Flavors Like None Other for Everyone

Eternal Smoke uses a finely chopped, blonde leaf tobacco. Being made of blonde leaf tobacco, Eternal smoke is easy to use for any hookah smoker from novice to enthusiast. Eternal Smoke is known for their series collections. Their "Cool Series" is a variety of fruity and citrus flavors that have mint for a chilling and easy smoke. Their "Mix Series" has mixes similar to tropical punches and bubblegum but with Eternal Smokes own twist. If you're looking for a more savory, moody flavor check out their "Enjoy Series" which includes mixes with chai, chocolate, and coffee. Eternal Smoke's "Romance Series" can sweeten up any smoke experience. For Smokers who enjoy a deeper and richer flavor such as double apple, grape or guava then the "Extreme Series" is for you. Their last series is the "Guess What! Series". This series is a made up unique blends that only the Eternal Smoke staff knows.

Eternal Smoke Available at in a Variety of Flavors and Sizes!

Eternal Smoke is known for their unique and flavorful hookah tobacco such as Milkin Cookies. You can no enjoy all the flavors from Eternal Smoke in sizes 50g, 250g and 1000g/1kg sizes! Eternal Smoke hookah tobacco is perfect for any level smoker from novice to veteran. This blonde shisha is perfect for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eternal Smoke Tobacco?

Eternal Smoke is a premium hookah tobacco and shisha distributor with unique, authentic flavors and finely chopped hookah tobacco. Eternal Smoke's diverse team of extraordinary individuals bring together their experience and wide- ranging ideas to create a brand like no other.

Where is Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco made?

Eternal Smoke was established in 2018 in Orlando, Florida and is sold around the world. You can purchase Eternal Smoke shisha at!

What are the best Eternal Smoke Tobacco shisha flavors?

There Eternal Smoke is known for their unique and creative hookah flavors. Enthusiast around the world love Red Lips, Dolce Banana, Houdinis Secret, and Milkin Cookies. Try it out for yourself, you wont be disappointed!