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We are the leader in providing high quality hookahs for your smoking pleasure.

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Wholesale Hookah Services

Wholesale Hookah

We Offer a Complete Line of Hookah Products for Smoke Shops, Hookah Lounges, and Hookah Suppliers

Do you own a hookah store or smoke shop?

Do you have a need to sell great hookah wholesale products?

Partner up today with! As hookah smoking continues to grow more popular, so too does the demand for high quality products. Selling hookah wholesale allows you to meet this increasing demand by providing your customers with the best hookahs, tobacco, shisha, and hookah accessories.

At, our number-one goal is to see your hookah store, hookah shop, or hookah lounge flourish by getting you top-quality hookahs and hookah accessories.

Why Buy Hookah Wholesale from

There is no shortage of hookah wholesalers out there for you to choose from. Here's what sets us apart from the competition:

We are a top-rated wholesale hookah shop.

The wholesale hookahs, flavored tobacco, and other hookah accessories that are featured on our website are currently rated as some of the best products on the market. We offer a complete line of wholesale hookah for sale for smoke shops, hookah lounges, and hookah suppliers. As an industry leader since 2002, we specialize in delivering our high quality hookahs to customers, so we know just what it takes to sell wholesale hookahs to businesses like yours.

We are a registered wholesale hookah distributor in the United States.

Oftentimes, getting hookah wholesale products is easier said than done. Expanding your stock to include some of the truly exotic products can be a complicated affair. However, we at are more than up to the task. As a registered hookah wholesale distributor, we abide by all local, state, and federal guidelines to help you get the products you need. Our fulfillment center and corporate headquarters are located in North Carolina, USA. We ship our wholesale hookah pipes and hookah shisha all over the world. We are one of the only hookah wholesalers in the USA who offer completely exotic and unique hookahs for sale and ship them internationally and to all APO and FPO locations worldwide. In addition to hookah pipes, we offer hookah tobacco wholesale including all major hookah shisha brands. Buy shisha wholesale at the best prices in the business and get the brands that your customers want like Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco wholesale and Nakhla Tobacco wholesale. We also carry more modern shisha brands like Fumari, Azure, Trifecta, Mazaya Tobacco, and Adalya Shisha. Find the brands, hookah tobacco style, and shisha flavors that will best fit your business and satisfy your clientele.

We specialize in authentic hookah supplies & merchandise.

We take the authenticity of our products very seriously. Too often, many hookah wholesalers fall into the trap of buying cheap products to sell en masse in order to turn a quick profit. Not so with Every hookah we sell, including exotic Chinese and Egyptian hookahs for sale, are the real deal. All of our wholesale hookah supplies undergo a rigorous inspection process to offer you the utmost quality assurance and confidence. You will even save by buying your hookah wholesale through With so many kinds of products, you are sure to find something to like.

We are now extending open lines of credit to all business customers.

We strive to make the checkout process easier to help improve your purchasing experience with us. That is why we are offering open business lines of credit to our customers. You can get what you need for your lounge or retail store but pay on Net 30 terms, no credit card needed. Buy now and pay later with no upfront costs and no interest for up to 30 days! Increase your purchasing power and free up other lines of credit with our new B2B credit network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wholesale hookah?

Hookahs, shisha tobacco, hookah charcoal, and other hookah accessories sold in bulk and at discounted prices to hookah stores, hookah lounges, restaurants and other establishments to resell at retail costs.

Where can I buy hookah wholesale? and its wholesale hookah branch, Global Hookah Distributors, offers a complete line of wholesale hookah for sale for smoke shops, hookah lounges, and hookah suppliers. As an industry leader since 2002, we specialize in delivering our high quality hookahs to customers, so we know just what it takes to sell wholesale hookahs to businesses like yours.

What do I need to buy wholesale hookah?

Requirements to open a wholesale hookah account vary by state. In general, you would need to be an established business with valid sales tax and tobacco tax licenses in order to purchase wholesale hookah products and be able to resell said products.

Is a hookah business profitable?

Any hookah business can be profitable if a solid business plan is put in place and the right connections are made. Choosing your hookah wholesale partner is a huge step in determining if your hookah company will be successful.