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smoke lounge

University of Miami students pictured above smoking the Hookah. From left to right, Blake "Boomer", Stef, Rich, Jeff, Ivey.

University of Miami Students Enjoying Smoking the Hookah in their off Time.

Coral Gables, Florida - December 10, 2004

Students at The University of Miami uncover their own story about the Hookah craze in America.

Q: How did you and your friends get into smoking the Hookah?

A: It is interesting to find that as a group, we each have our own unique story about how we first came in contact with smoking the Hookah. Jeff first started smoking the Hookah back home in Virginia at a local Hookah Bar because he was interested in trying something new. The rest of the group basically came in contact with the Hookah during our freshman year of college and through other friends.

Q:What does your group like most about smoking the Hookah?

A:We pretty much all share the same ideas about why our group likes smoking the Hookah. Rich enjoys the chill, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere while Jeff believes it's a fun social event that brings the group closer together. Overall, Ivey believes that it's a good way for the group to get together, talk, and pretty much do anything.

Q:Do you feel that Hookah smoking is becoming more popular on your college campus?

A:We all basically agree that Hookah smoking in general is becoming more popular among college students in America. People like the social atmosphere that comes along with smoking the Hookah. So many people are either smoking on campus or going out to the few Hookah Bars in the Miami area.

Q:What kinds of shisha flavors do you mix to enhance your smoking experience?

A:We all pretty much agree that Jeff is the creative one in the group. Some of the mixes that he comes up with are truly amazing. Our groups number one creation consists of mixing Jasmine and Lemon. Try mixing these two exotic flavors and you'll be surprised at how good of a combination they actually are.

Q:What type of Hookah model do you prefer?

A:The group agrees that the ideal Hookah is either a one hose or two hose model that is about 24" to 28" in height. Rich enjoys either using a Rotating Hookah, or a model that has a black vase and a chrome shaft. Since our group meets about two to three times a week, we like to smoke out of a Hookah that is easy to carry and maintain. Jeff bought the Junior Hookah model from and this is the model that we primarily use when smoking on campus. The reason for this is because the Junior model is very functional and provides a very nice smoke.