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Charcoal Screen
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Charcoal Screen

4 review(s)
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Serial Number: 53

Hookah Accessory Description

The Charcoal Screen by Vapor Hookahs is an excellent alternative to hookah foil, as it is reusable and allows the user to start smoking their hookah faster. Charcoal screens are a great way to save money on hookah foil as well as reducing landfill waste. They are great to have as a backup if you do prefer hookah foil, however, as you can use them over and over again until you can get more hookah foil! The charcoal screen is quick, easy, and functional for the regular hookah smoker and ensures you will always be ready to smoke your favorite hookah tobacco!

Charcoal Screen Specs
Brand Vapor Hookahs
Style Aluminum Charcoal Screen
Set Not Applicable
Material Aluminum
Size Not Applicable
Color Not Applicable
Diameter Not Applicable
Variation Warning Not Applicable

Customer Reviews(4)

Charcoal Screens
I personally don't like using these if I have foil in the house, the smoke isn't as thick due to the poor insulation with these. but you gotta do what you gotta do when you need your hookah and you can't get foil!
Review by naum rabinovich from New York United States
Posted 30 Oct 2011
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They work in a pinch...
For the best experience, you'll want to use foil, but like the other reviewers have said, these are handy for when you don't have any foil or are too lazy to go through the hassle. Depending on the size of your bowl, these can let a LOT more air through, which will affect the quality of your smoke. They also sit down into the bowl a bit, rather than lying flat across the top at rim level, so you'll want to use less tobacco for that reason--otherwise your tobacco will start to burn.

All in all though, it's good to keep one or two on hand just in case. They're cheap and reusable.
Review by Doug McGarvey from Pennsylvania United States
Posted 10 Oct 2009
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I second the other review
Great for a quick set up or if you have no foil, but go with foil for your first choice. The other thing that I find good about the screens is that you can just set them on with out folding down the tabs if you want that way you can pick up the screen with ease to poke or mix up the bowl should your top start to blacken.
Review by Ben
Posted 06 Feb 2009
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Charcoal Screens
these screens are great for when you wanna set up quickly or run out of foil. I personally prefer using foil because I like tiny holes, but I keep some screens handy for when I either run out of foil or wanna set up fast.

I really like that they are reusable and easy to clean.
Review by Max Sequeira from New York United States
Posted 03 Nov 2005
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