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Al-Waha: Exotic Flavors 50g
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Al-Waha: Exotic Flavors 50g

5 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Flavored Tobacco Description

Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco is used by novice and experienced Hookah users because of its smooth and consistent smoking experience. The 50 gram packs that Al-Waha produces allow for Hookah smokers to sample and experience an assortment of tobacco flavors at an affordable price.

Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco Specs
Size: 50g Box
Smoking Sessions: Approximately 5 to 7 bowls
Country of Manufacture: Jordan
Ingredients: Honey, Molasses, Glycerin
Exotic Flavors: After Nine (Mint, Chocolate Combination), Blueberry, Bounty (Coconut, Vanilla, Cola Combination), Bubble Gum (Spearmint), California Dream, Candy, Cappuccino, Coconut, Five Star Mix (Double Apple, Strawberry, Peach, Guava, Vanilla Combination), Frappuccino (Coffee, Strawberry, Cherry Combination), Honey, Lemon, Licorice, Mango, Memories (Peach, Cherry, Mint Combination), Orange, Orange Cream, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Rose, Winter Flower (Mint, Rose, Apple, Cola Combination)
Health Warning: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction:

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products


Customer Reviews(5)

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After Nine
I have wanted to sample this for some time and have to say that the wait was worth it. Very good flavor, the best chocolate mint mix that I have encountered, more of a mild and relaxing flavor. Would make a great smoke for that time when you want to wind down, like after nine o'clock!
Review by Ben
Posted 12 Feb 2009
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1114 out of 2269 people found the following review helpful
Mango made for a double-session
I've smoked a few different shishas with friends, and was a little worried I'd mess up the smoke when preparing my new hookah for the first time. I'd also never had Al Waha, and after packing a bowel of Mango, I think I've found my new favorite brand. The session lasted relativly long and the smoke never got harsh, always staying smooth and thick. The tobacco gave quite a buzz, and though I wouldn't have been able to pick out the flavor, the taste was still very good. My friends and I opted for a second session, which was just as enjoyable as the first. Al Waha made for an ideal smoke, with the only minor complaint being that the flavor could have been a tad more distinct.
Review by Garret Ean from New Hampshire United States
Posted 20 Jan 2008
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1500 out of 2913 people found the following review helpful
Apple Bowls
A place near where I live uses bowls made out of fresh apples, fills them with honey tobacco, and uses ice cold milk as a filter. It's a sweet, rich flavor that I have yet to beat.
Review by Charles King from Florida United States
Posted 07 Nov 2006
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1660 out of 3321 people found the following review helpful
A great mix
I found that Memories mixed with a little bit of Rose is an increadible combo! Add a fair amount of ice to the water and you are in for a very enjoyable smoke! I highly reccomend the mix!
Review by Barry Schmitt from Armed Forces Europe United States
Posted 16 Oct 2006
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1719 out of 3374 people found the following review helpful
Winter Flower
Winter Flower is an excellent flavor that i would recommend to anyone. It's smooth and has a great taste through and through. It even has an excellent aftertaste, almost citranella-like. If you are a back-to-back bowl smoker like my friends and i are, this flavor is the one to end on. It's so strong that if you don't clean out the hookah pipe without cleaning it, you can taste if even through the new flavor for the first 10 or so pick Winter Flower and smoke it lastly. It's so good, you'll want it an encore smoke for sure!
Review by Kenneth Eberhard from Wisconsin United States
Posted 11 Sep 2006
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1714 out of 3372 people found the following review helpful