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Starbuzz Vintage: Premium Flavors 200g
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Starbuzz Vintage: Premium Flavors 200g

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Serial Number: 618
Tobacco Flavor:

Starbuzz Tobacco Description

What's this - Starbuzz has gone to the dark side and this is definitely the dark leaf tobacco we were looking for! Starbuzz Vintage Premium Flavored Tobacco brings us everything we loved about the original Starbuzz with a dark leaf tobacco that is a fine to medium cut and comes with an added kick. This particular line of hookah tobacco is unwashed so it packs more of a punch than its predecessors but no need to worry, the only thing that will have your head spinning is how spot on these flavors actually are. There's no better way to say it: the taste is strong with this shisha!

Starbuzz Vintage is packaged in 250 gram jars with wood grain effects on the outside giving it a very classy look that suits the name well. It allows Hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is packaged with a secondary inner package that is sealed for freshness. The tub is resealable and will keep your shisha fresh so long as you store it at room temperature.

Starbuzz Vintage is fairly juicy but pretty versatile in how you pack it so feel free to experiment. Generally speaking, the denser the pack the stronger the tobacco notes but I wouldn't go any further than a semi-dense and I recommend doing a slight under pack in a phunnel bowl. The heat management can get slightly sensitive so it is recommended to start with 2 hookah coals depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using and work your way up to prevent it from turning harsh.

How to Pack Flavored Tobacco

Starbuzz Vintage Hookah Flavored Tobacco 200g Specs
Brand Starbuzz Vintage
Size 200g Container (Stronger than the typical .05% Nicotine)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 10 to 15 bowls
Country of Manufacture United States / Jordan
Ingredients Dark leaf tobacco, honey, glycerin, and flavor
Shisha Flavors Alaskan Freeze (Heavy tobacco notes with slight mint), Colombian Spice (Bold coffee with creamy caramel and spicy cinnamon), Dark Caribbean (Sweet and dark tropical flavors), Dark Citrus Mint (Bold citrus flavor with minty exhale), Dark Mist (Dark berries with cooling mint), Dark Vanilla (Creamy and robust natural vanilla), Dehli Tea (Sweet herbal tea with cinnamon and slight anise notes), Fresh Lime (Sweet in your face citrus lime), Ginkco (Dark and sweet coconut with subtle spice), Indian Spiced Apple (Double apple combined with anise and Masala), Honey Dew Me (Dark and sweet honeydew melon), Mango (Dark and juicy mango), Morning Breeze (Lemon tea with hints of honey), Orange Chocolate (Citrus orange and sweet chocolate), Peach Spice (Dark and sweet peach with spicy undertones), Root Beer (Spicy candied root beer with creamy vanilla notes), Shanghai Passion (Dark herbal tea with sweet cinnamon notes), Spice Me Red (Spicy cinnamon and sweet mixed red berries), Sweet Cigar (Sweet and smooth classic cigar), Tiramisu (Tasty blend of coffee and creamy chocolate), Tokyo Spice (Citrus lime with an orange marmalade foundation), White Mist (White peach and fruity sweet cream)
Health Warning Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products

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