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Econo Mya Gelato
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Econo Mya Gelato

5 review(s)
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Manufacturer Number: 288

Hookah Pipe Description

The Econo Mya Gelato is a 14 inch tall, affordable hookah by Mya Saray. The shape of the Econo Mya Gelato vase is designed to resemble the shape of scoops of ice cream! Yum! It is also available in a wide selection of colors! This adorable hookah can easily be converted into a two hose model with the help of Myas Stem Adapters. Same as with its bigger counterparts from Mya, the Econo Mya Gelato also includes Myas Auto Seal System to make smoking with a friend as easy as possible.

Econo Mya Gelato Hookah Specs
Brand Mya - Econo Mya
Size 14" Tall
Vase Style Glass Vase
Colors Amber, Blue, Green, Grey, Light Purple (Burgundy), Pink, Sky Blue
Screw On Vase Capability No
Country of Manufacture China
Multi Hose Capability This Econo Mya Hookah may be converted into a 2-Hose model which utilizes the auto-seal system by purchasing additional stem adapters. Click Here to view and purchase the required Mya stem adapter.
Included Accessories Premium Hookah Tongs, Porcelain Bowl, Rubber Grommets, 74" Washable Hose (Solid Matching Color), Setup Instructions
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Product Reviews

Write an online review and share your thoughts.
535 out of 1032 people found the following review helpful
AMAZING!, 25 Apr 2012
by john croom from South Carolina United States

Just got one of these little hookahs for doing the $125 deal, AMAZING! I kind of feel I either ripped southsmoke off or they just love me so much! THIS IS AN AMAZING HOOKAH! Buy either 125 dollars worth of stuff and get this for free or just BUY IT!

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720 out of 1450 people found the following review helpful
Powerful Little Thing!, 13 Apr 2010
by Matt from Louisiana United States

I received this hookah after spending $125 on the MYA blizzard. Just like the blizzard. This hookah is strong and hits perfectly! This is a great hookah for either the first-time buyer or a veteran looking for something cost friendly!

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764 out of 1519 people found the following review helpful
Awesome., 20 Dec 2009
by insolent redhead

This is the best quality hookah you can get for the price. In fact, it yields just as much (if not more) smoke than my old, much bigger hookah. I got to try it for the first time last night with my boyfriend and we were both pleasantly surprised. The hose is a decent length. The bowl, although small, is deep enough to hold plenty of tobacco for a good smoke session. The hookah itself is sturdy, lightweight, and even serves as a cool decoration in my living room. I would recommend the Econo Mya for a first time smoker, a smoker on a budget, and people who don't need a monster of a hookah in order to enjoy a smoke.

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841 out of 1709 people found the following review helpful
EM Gelato Review, 20 Jun 2009
by Matt Richards from Massachusetts United States

I am a hookah enthusiast with 3 hookahs and 2+ years of experience. After spending just over $100 on a LOT of shisha, coals, and a new phunnel bowl (which I haven't used yet but will certainly review when I do) I received this FREE Econo Mya Gelato Hookah, and I couldn't be happier.

I received my FREE Econo Mya Gelato Hookah a few days ago and have only used it twice so far. But so far so good. It's a nice, small hookah with good parts that seal tight. The hose is really nice but has a slightly large mouthpiece, although it makes for a clean, effortless hit. The rubber grommets are small/thin and look flimsy but I've actually never had such a tight and seamless seal...no extra air comes through, so hits are bigger and more flavorful. If you're using quicklight coals, I would recommend the 33mm (the smaller ones) because the bowl is smaller, but deeper, and you don't want to burn your shisha with too much heat.

Now this may be a relatively inexpensive hookah (just over $30, but worth it even if it’s not free), but it becomes a great hookah when it is free! Hookah as a hobby can get expensive, especially if you share it with your friends - 85% of them will love it! So instead of buying two or three packs of shisha at a time from South Smoke, save up your money, do some research on the best brands and flavors (Starbuzz and Al-Fahker - especially AF Golden Seal – are my favorites by far), and spend $100 here and you’ll get free shipping AND this great hookah ($40-$50 value FREE), with enough supplies to last you into the fall. And the Customer Service team at SouthSmoke is second to none, so you really can’t go wrong.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No
961 out of 1937 people found the following review helpful
A Good Value, 27 Oct 2008
by Brian Wright from Oklahoma United States

I will start by saying that I've not used a hookah before. But I've wanted one for a long time and when I came across this I figured it was inexpensive enough that I could try it out without fear that I'd lost too much money if I ended up with something unpleasent.

Well my fears were unfounded! This is a great little hookah. I bought the optional stem adapter and a second hose with it and they both work perfectly. It was easy to assemble, easy to get going and smoked smooth as can be. I'd recommend this to anyone.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No