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Hookah History

Explore the history of hookah smoking

Hookah smoking has evolved over many centuries to become one of the fastest growing trends in the United States and abroad. Significant progress has occurred since the days of only a few shisha flavors and one type of Hookah style. Discover the history timeline of Hookah smoking over the past centuries and the impact it has had on modern civilization by reviewing the collection of articles listed below.

Nargile: A Puff On History

One of the oldest and deep rooted traditions in Turkey is the Nargile (Hookah), with both men and women finding great pleasure in smoking the waterpipe. The nargile started a whole new culture which endured for many, many years. Even today the nargile gives enjoyment to a special breed of smokers.

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Puffin At The Old Hubble Bubble

Thenargile was introduced to Turkey from either India or Persia and provided centuries of enjoyment for Turkish smokers. In Ottoman Istanbul the water pipe or hubble-bubble pipe became an objet d'art, with bottles of crystal, coloured glass or even silver, finials in the form of silver flowers or fruits, gilded pipe bowls, and amber mouthpieces.

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Inhale The Pleasure Of An Unhurried Ottoman Past

No matter what kind of storms shake this ancient city, within the smoky and fragrant confines of the Erzurum Nargile Salon all is right with the world. The nargile, or Turkish water pipe, is no longer at the center of Istanbul's social and political life, but the men who gather here each day -- and the scattering of women who join them -- still consider it one of life's great pleasures.

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Massell (Molasses)

The massell is a kind of tobacco used in smoking the shisha (Nargila, Argila, Boury and Gouza). It is a blend of international tobacco leaves. This blend gives a special flavor and taste with the additives of molasses extracted from sugarcane and other additives.

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