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Babylonian Hookahs

Babylonian Hookahs

Introducing the Babylonian Hookah series by Vapor Hookahs, available at Originating in Iraq, Babylon hookah pieces are some of the most beautiful and sought-after hookahs on the market.

Every inch of these carefully crafted hookahs serves as a graceful reminder of what traditional hookah smoking is. Featuring multiple metals woven together into intriguingly tall heights, the classic hookah Babylon style is one that will draw the attention of everyone in the room.

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Exploring Every Inch of a Babylon Hookah

From top to bottom, each Babylon hookah for sale at is crafted to provide you with a great hookah experience. Let take you on an inch-by-inch tour through one of these pieces and see why a Babylonian hookah might be right for you.

Starting at the base, you'll noticed these hookahs feature thick Babylonian-style glass bases. Decorated with traditional hand-painted markings and extravagant designs, the beauty of these bases are a hallmark of a truly authentic Babylonian hookah. Moving up to the bottom of the shaft, you'll notice a threaded hole drilled into the shaft where you can insert or screw in the custom hose. Having the hose screwed in eliminates any need for hose grommets and also helps to create an air tight seal. This style of hose is distinctly different from other hoses on the market, as it is made with durable metal and comes with a cover to protect it from accidents such as coal burns or spills.

Moving up the shaft, your eyes will be drawn toward the traditional markings that are stamped into each Babylon hookah. These display some form of homage to the Babylon Empire, giving your hookah an air of mystery and refinement. Near the top and attached to the tray is a convenient hookah hose holder to place the hose when it's not in use. This keeps your hookah space organized when storing it and keeps it out of the way so you can take short breaks. Above the tray of each Babylon hookah is where you'll find the purge valve. The location is not the only unique thing about the Babylonian hookah purge valve; it also works in a different manner compared to other hookahs. The down-stem runs the entire length of the shaft and connects to the bowl at the very top. This serves as an inner pipe that runs smoke the whole way down into the water and when you purge the smoke it exits around the pipe in between the shaft.

Lastly, a 4.5" Phunnel bowl sits at the very top of each Babylonian hookah. The vortex-style of the Phunnel bowl provides you with a more desirable hookah session.

Shop for Babylonian Hookahs at

The Babylon hookah style is often imitated yet never completely replicated. You'll know the real thing when you see it! There's nothing quite like smoking from an authentic Babylon hookah. Each of these gorgeous hookahs stand near 40" and taller, making them as much eye-catching pieces of art as dependable hookahs. We at offer many Babylonian Hookahs in multiple colors to match your individual tastes.