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The Vape Mail Ban

The Vape Mail Ban

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Vape Products No Longer At

If you haven’t noticed, vape and e-hookah products have been greatly diminished on the online hookah store. It’s goodbye for now, but hopefully not forever. Unfortunately, we have limited control over Federal legislation involving these products and can no longer ship them through domestic shipping carriers. Read on for more info about the latest laws and how they affect you. About the Vape Mail Ban The “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act”, also commonly known as the “Vape Mail Ban”, prohibits the United States Postal Service as well as other domestic shipping carriers from shipping vaping products. The new law directs the USPS and other shipping companies to create regulations prohibiting the shipment of all vaping products through the U.S. Mail to residential addresses. It also places vaping products into the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act. All of this was put into effect in late March. USPS has 120 days to create its new rules and to implement the law. FedEx and DHL put regulations into place ahead of the law’s passing in March, while UPS ended shipments of vape products on April 5th. The terminology of the new law and the vape products it covers can be difficult to understand. Generally, anything that can be used to vape any liquid or oil-based substance and the e-liquids themselves, are prohibited from shipping in the US. This includes all vape juices or e-liquids whether they have nicotine or are nicotine-free. Also on the list, disposable vape products filled with e-juice, and any related component, part, or accessory intended for use with those products.

How Does the Vape Mail Ban Affect You?

It’s really quite simple, vaping products and electronic hookah devices will be harder to purchase. No longer can you order these products online and ship them directly to your house. Many retail stores may need to discontinue sales as well. Larger stores that can order in large quantities such as freight pallets can do so. This means you may have to travel a bit further to find them. All in all, vape products will be more difficult than ever to find, but not to worry, hookah shisha and hookah products are still available online!

Are Hookah Products Included in the Ban?

On a more positive note, the new Vape Mail Ban does not affect shisha tobacco or any hookah products. So, even though vape is out at, hookah and shisha tobacco are better than ever! Go back to the traditional roots and experience shisha tobacco flavors out of a new hookah from SouthSmoke. Find all of the best hookah shisha brands online right now! All-new Haze Tobacco and a full restock of Starbuzz Hookah Shisha on the shelves!

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