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How To Stay Healthy With Your Hookah

How To Stay Healthy With Your Hookah

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Stay Healthy and Don't Spread Germs!

Well, it is getting cold outside and with cold weather comes cold and flu season. While enjoying a hookah session with others can be an exciting event it certainly couldn’t hurt to add a few accessories to your arsenal to keep things sanitary. While these accessories ideally should be used all the time they are especially important to keep the germs and illness away!

NewHookah Mouth Tips

First up we have disposable hookah mouth tips. You use them in the lounges and they make a very wise choice for home use if you wish to avoid getting sick from others. We have these available in wide, narrow, and fan tipped so virtually any hookah hose should be able to outfit one of these.

Use Disposable Hookah Hoses

Hoses – in particular here, I would rather want to touch on disposable hoses. They are an excellent and inexpensive option to protect your constitution during the winter months. Another recommended tip is to use a new hookah hose for each flavor you smoke. Non washable hoses can retain flavor in the hose tainting the integrity of the new flavor you may be trying. These disposable hoses could also be rinsed out and used multiple times before discarding for a new one. Check out our favorites such as the fancy hose and the clear hose!

Clean Your Hookah

Hookah Cleaning Supplies – while a cleaning solution would technically be an optional accessory (but recommended), a hookah cleaning brush set is a must have accessory for your hookah. If you aren’t already doing so cleaning and maintaining your hookah is an important sanitation step you should take after each session. This means breaking down the hookah and rinsing out the vase and pipe with either warm water (please do not use soap) or a cleaning solution such as Formula 420! This will keep your hookah squeaky clean and ward away any lingering flavors! At we wish everyone a happy and healthy winter season. Stay tuned for more to come and stay warm!

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