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Hookah Hoses




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      Smoke Hookah the Way You Want with Custom Hookah Hoses

      Your gorgeous, one-of-a-kind hookah deserves one of our custom hookah hoses. These hoses accommodate every kind of hookah smoker. From sophisticated smokers to hookah lovers that focus on fun, we've got you covered.

      Choose from an array of exciting hookah hoses in a wide range of shapes. Outlandish Dragon and King Cobra heads can serve your fantastical tastes. Or choose more traditionally shaped Sheik and Taj hoses for a more refined, authentic experience. If you're looking for convenience, try a silicone hookah hose. Vapor Hookahs makes the Vapor Grand Hose that disassembles for easy washing. These hookah hoses leave no plastic aftertaste behind. You'll still get nothing but that great hookah flavor when you smoke!

      Hookah Hoses are Made with Top Quality Materials

      A custom hookah hose offers you more than just a great-looking smoke. These products are made with long-lasting use in mind. Think about it-you want a product that will stand up to your regular hookah smoking, right? That's just what you get with one of these. Fancy hookah hoses are manufactured using tough, durable plastic-perfect for repeated use. And many Mya Saray hoses are made using high quality synthetic leather. No cheap materials here! The Khalil Mamoon is always popular with traditionalists, too.

      Affordable Hookah Hoses for the Modern Smoker

      These hoses may be fancy, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to get them. Hookah hoses are available at just about every price point you can imagine. Even the most budget-minded hookah lover can get one that fits their personality!

      Finding a trusty hookah hose that's stylish enough for your needs can be tough. So go with We have some of the most unique hoses you can find online. If you're looking for a simple addition to your hookah session, choose one from our extensive selection. We think you and everyone you smoke with will be in for quite a surprise!

      What is the Best Hookah Hose?


      Most hookah enthusiasts will recommend high quality silicone hookah hoses for many reasons. They do not alter the taste of shisha tobacco and are completely washable between hookah sessions.

      Does Adalya Tobacco make hookahs?


      Since 2019, the Adalya Tobacco company has been producing high quality hookahs under the name Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH). The ATH models are made of rust-free stainless steel, are also very acid-resistant, as well as friction and corrosion-resistant!

      Are Hookah Hoses Washable?


      There are many styles of hookah hoses and they each have different features. Traditional leather hoses may not be washed as water could ruin the integrity of the hose. Modern silicone hoses are washable and do not ghost shisha flavors.

      Why Should I Buy a Silicone Hookah Hose?


      A silicone hookah hose is a great way to improve your hookah sessions. The silicone is washable and will not ghost shisha flavors, molasses and flavoring juices will not soak into the material. This means that if washed between smoking sessions, each new flavor will be untainted by the previous blend.

      What Hookah Parts Do I Need to Smoke?


      There are several hookah parts needed to enjoy a hookah smoking session. They include the hookah stem, vase, ash tray, hookah bowl, hookah hose, and rubber grommets to connect the parts. Some hookahs also include a removable hose port and purge valve.