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Hookah Cleaning Supplies




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      How to Clean Your Hookah Properly

      First, you need the necessary hookah accessories. A hookah pipe cleaning brush set and your choice of hookah cleaner are all you need to make your hookah like new again. The brush set comes with two cleaning brushes in different sizes to clean each part of your hookah. You can also choose a variety of hookah cleaner solutions based on the type of hookah you have.

      Next, you'll want to disassemble your hookah. This will make cleaning hard-to-reach spaces with your pipe cleaning brush much easier. Once everything has been taken apart, clean your hookah with warm water and the cleaning brushes. DO NOT use any soap! Then use your cleaning solution on the shaft, vase, hose, and bowl, clean them with a brush, and rinse with warm water. Finally, dry everything off and put it back together. Your hookah looks good as new!

      Formula 420 Cleaner and THC Cleaning Solutions

      Formula 420 cleaner is our most popular cleaning solution for a reason. There is a type of Formula 420 cleaner for just about every style of hookah out there. Whether your hookah is big or small, or made from glass or acrylic, Formula 420 cleaner has what you need.

      • Formula 420 Travel Size
      • Glass Cleaner
      • All-Natural Hookah Cleaner
      • Plastic-Acrylic Cleaner

      Clean Your Hookah Better Today

      No one wants to smoke out of a filthy hookah. Now you won't have to, as long as you get the right hookah cleaning supplies. A hookah cleaning brush set and the right cleaning solution go a long way toward making your future hookah sessions perfect.

      If you have any questions, contact us online or call 888-577-6653.

      What is the most important hookah cleaning tool?


      Without a doubt, one long reaching shaft brush is one of the most important pieces to have in your cabinet.