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Hookah Supplies provides a variety of Hookah Supplies to enhance your smoking experience. Whether your searching for a replacement part, or just interested in adding to your Hookah Collection, we offer every type of Hookah Accessory available on the market.

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Charcoal Pan Charcoal Pan
The Charcoal Pan is a Stainless Steel pot that is used to hold large quantities of Charcoals when smoking with the Hookah. The Charcoal Pan is ideal...
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Hookah Stainless Steel Bowl Stainless Steel Bowl
The Stainless Steel Bowl is an alternative to the Traditional Clay Bowl, and has become very popular within the last few months, especially among Hook...
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Hookah Fancy Engraved Clay Bowl Fancy Engraved Clay Bowl
The Fancy Engraved Clay Bowl is hand crafted with a unique design that will fit almost any Hookah. This type of Clay Bowl is preferred by Hookah smoke...
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Hookah Tall Colored Clay Bowl Tall Colored Clay Bowl
Dress up your Hookah with a matching bowl. With nine different colors to choose from, we are most likely to have a bowl for your specific Hookah. The ...
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Hookah Clay Bowl Clay Bowl
This Clay Bowl resembles the Traditional type of Clay Bowl that has been used to smoke Flavored Tobacco for centuries. This glossy brown clay bowl is ...
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Hookah Lebanese Bowl Lebanese Bowl
Lebanese Bowls are often very difficult to find in the market due to their unique shape and design. This bowl can h...
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Hookah Cobra Hose Cobra Hose
Over the past decade, Cobra Hoses have rapidly replaced the more Traditional Sheik Hose, and are now considered the preferred type of Hose for Hookah ...
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Hookah Sword Hose Sword Hose
The Sword Hose is another type of Hose that has gained popularity over the past few years. Sword Hoses make any type of Hookah look exotic, as the m...
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Hookah Sheik Hose Sheik Hose
The Sheik Hose is considered by the avid Hookah smoker to resemble a more Traditional look, as it was the first type of Hose to be used with the ...
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Hookah Washable Hose Washable Hose
Whether you are looking for a durable Hookah Hose for everyday use, or a Hose that needs to be washed frequently, like in a Hookah Lounge, this Washab...
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Hookah Wind Cover Wind Cover
Using a Wind Cover is a must if you are going to be smoking outdoors. The Wind Cover is placed over the Clay Bowl, and is used to protect your Charcoa...
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Hookah Charcoal Screen Charcoal Screen
The Charcoal Screen is used as an alternative to aluminum foil, as it allows the ultimate Hookah smoker to start smoking right away. This reusable Cha...
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Hookah Foil Hookah Foil
Hookah Foil is primarily†used by the†avid Hookah smoker in order to achieve the maximum Hookah smoking experience possible. You will no longer have to...
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Hookah Modern Glass Vase Modern Glass Vase
The Modern Glass Vase is an excellent choice if you are interested in replacing a damaged vase, or upgrading your Hookah to fit a new look. The Modern...
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Hookah Glass Vase Protector Glass Vase Protector
The Glass Vase Protector proves to be a very valuable item if you are going to be using the Hookah frequently. The Glass Vase Protector is very durabl...
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Rubber Grommet Set Rubber Grommet Set
Rubber Grommets are the key to any high quality smoking experience, as they primarily hold the Hookah together as a whole. Rubber Grommets allow ...
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Hookahs Plastic Mouthpieces Plastic Mouthpieces
Mouthpieces are primarily used by Hookah Bars, and are also used with Multiple Hose Hookahs for sanitary purposes. Mouthpieces are disposable plastic ...
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Hookah Tongs
Hookah Tongs are essential when using Charcoals to evaporate the Flavored Tobacco. Hookah Tongs prevent the Hookah smoker from being...
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Hookah Tray Hookah Tray
The Hookah Tray is an essential piece when smoking with the Hookah, as it serves as an ash catcher. The Hookah Tray is a universal replacement tray fo...
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Hookah Travel Bag
The Hookah Travel Bag proves to be an important piece to any Hookah collection, as it allows the ultimate Hookah smoker to transport their Hookah wi...
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