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ATH Hookahs

Introduce yourself to the world of modern glass with these hand-blown hookah pipes.

ATH Hookahs




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      ATH Hookahs FAQS


      Founded in 2004, Adalya Tobacco has become known as a world leader in shisha tobacco. Now, in addition to hookah shisha, Adalya has released a line of hookah pipes under the name ATH - Adalya Tobacco Hookah! High quality, stainless steel and brass shisha pipes made exclusively for smoking shisha tobacco. Hookahs that stand out from the crowd with their outstanding quality and precision workmanship. Made in Turkey using high quality stainless steel, each ATH pipe is rust free, acid resistant as well as friction and corrosion resistant. All Adalya Tobacco Hookah bases are handmade crystal glass bowls produced by Pasabahce, one of the oldest, biggest, and most successful glass manufacturers in the world! The engravings found on some bases are also handmade using modern and traditional patterns. Base colors are original commodities of the glass and no base is artificially colored providing vibrant colors and elegance for years!

      ATH L-Steel Hookah

      The perfect lounge hookah. The L-Steel Hookah line from ATH has a lounge-style, simplistic look for a sleek, modern feel. More than just a stick hookah, ATH L-Steel pipes have added flair with intricate engravings, clean shapes, and an overall elegant and unique look. Using high-quality stainless steel parts and precise craftsmanship, Adalya Tobacco creates a hookah rivaled by few and admired by many. The L-Steel Hookah line features a closed chamber system with a built in purge valve for a clean look and effortless purge. For the perfect hookah party, we suggest the ATH L-Steel Charnewa 4 Hose Hookah to share with friends! Easily smoke with up to four people when you smoke the Charnewa Hookah model with 4 individual hookah hose ports.

      ATH T-Steel Hookah

      Adalya Tobacco's version of the traditional or tradi style hookah. The same great precision craftsmanship with a more traditional hookah look. The ATH T-Steel Hookah line brings high-end stainless steel machining to the time-honored, classic style shisha pipe. The stainless steel stem uses shapes and cuts that would normally be seen on traditional brass and tri-metal hookahs. The base of the hookah stem consists of a closed chamber system and an external purge valve to allow an easy purge of harsh smoke from the crystal glass base. Similar to the L-Steel models, a detachable diffuser creates a quieter hookah session and more filtered smoke. For a modern feel with a traditional shisha look, the ATH T-Steel line should be your top choice for your next hookah.

      Where are ATH Hookahs made?


      Adalya Tobacco is based in Turkey, where they produce the Adalya Tobacco Hookah line of shisha pipes and hookah equipment catered to the biggest enthusiasts created using high-quality materials and precision workmanship.

      Does Adalya Tobacco make hookahs?


      Since 2019, the Adalya Tobacco company has been producing high quality hookahs under the name Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH). The ATH models are made of rust-free stainless steel, are also very acid-resistant, as well as friction and corrosion-resistant!

      Are Adalya Tobacco Hookahs worth it?


      Adalya Tobacco Hookah produces premium hookah pipes using high-quality stainless steel that is rust free, acid-resistant as well as friction and corrosion-resistant. ATH bases are handmade crystal glass bowls produced by Pasabahce, one of the oldest, biggest, and most successful glass manufacturers in the world!