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Mazaya Shisha Tobacco

Mazaya offers up traditional fruit shisha flavors as well as unique blends that will Seduce Your Senses.

Mazaya Tobacco




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      Mazaya Tobacco - Hookah Tradition


      Mazaya Hookah Tobacco is known for its top-tier handpicked French tobacco and is produced in Jordan with environmentally-friendly production methods. 100% French tobacco leaves are paired with medicinal grade glycerin, pure honey, and all-natural flavors. Mazaya Tobacco only uses premium quality ingredients to give you the best hookah smoking session possible. A dedicated monitoring and quality control department oversees every part of the hookah tobacco production process. Beginning with the initial raw materials arriving at the factory, surveying the production line, and testing the hookah tobacco afterward. Finally, monitoring packaging and storage for shipping. Quality is of utmost importance to Mazaya Tobacco-Molasses. Mazaya is growing quickly in the world of Hookah. Now a mainstay in the middle-east and growing in popularity in the U.S. market.

      New Mazaya Hookah Mixes

      With a solid foundation of traditional single note fruit shishas on the menu, Mazaya Tobacco is now branching out with custom hookah shisha blends. Mazaya is getting creative with premixed shisha flavors. The Mazaya Hookah flavors list has seen rapid growth lately because of this. Mazaya shisha flavors are catered to each world market, taste-tested thoroughly by representatives in each part of the globe. Some flavors are shared between markets like the basic fruit flavors and popular Double Apple Bahraini, Lemon Mint, Gum Mint, and Gum with Cinnamon but others are more exclusive. Certain tastes gain traction online and receive notoriety from hookah enthusiasts worldwide. Mazaya Tobacco is releasing SOME of those favorites to the U.S. through Even with all of the new shisha flavor releases, Mazaya Tobacco prides themselves on their low pricing. A goal of providing everyone the chance to try their hookah flavors!

      New Mazaya Flavors that are must-try include Mazaya Candy Drops, Sweet Blue, Love, and Beauty Crush among others. And, don't sleep on Mazaya Twist, 4 Seasons, and Citrus Mix with Mint. Delicious fruit shisha mixes that always satisfy. Check out our review of the latest Mazaya Shisha flavors here!

      Shop Mazaya Hookah Tobacco at!

      With consistent releases of shisha flavors from Mazaya Molasses, you will have a mix of hookah flavor profiles to choose from. Some savory, some fruity, all delicious. Can't keep up with all of the new Mazaya Tobacco flavor releases lately? Not to worry, has them all! So many delicious shisha flavors to choose from, at unbeatable prices. There is no excuse not to try them all on your next online hookah order from your favorite hookah store! Visit us anytime, we have the shisha flavors you need! Purchase Mazaya Hookah Tobacco in 3 tobacco sizes including 50g, 250g, and 1kg boxes for every hookah smoking occasion.

      What is Mazaya Tobacco?


      Mazaya Tobacco is a premium hookah tobacco brand in the Middle East. Mazaya Tobacco is made in Jordan using handpicked French tobacco leaves paired with medicinal grade glycerin, pure honey, and all natural flavors.

      What are the most popular Mazaya Tobacco flavors?


      The most popular Mazaya Hookah Flavors include Double Apple Bahraini, Lemon Mint, and Gum with Cinnamon.

      How do you use Mazaya Hookah Tobacco?


      Mazaya Tobacco is somewhat juicy and is best used with a normal pack in a phunnel bowl. Be sure to mix up your Mazaya tobacco to evenly redistribute moisture for the best possible hookah flavor experience.