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Starbuzz Premium Shisha Tobacco

Enjoy the world-famous taste of Starbuzz, available in a large variety of the most popular shisha flavors. This blonde leaf shisha tobacco is easy to use and enjoyed by any style of hookah smoker.

Starbuzz Tobacco




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      Premium Starbuzz Tobacco: Where Flavor Meets Popularity


      Try the Premium line of Starbuzz Tobacco and join the biggest movement the hookah world has seen in years. Blue Mist, Code 69, Melon Blue, and Tangerine Dream make up some of Starbuzz Premium's most popular hookah flavors. But popularity isn't everything. Starbuzz rose in the ranks by offering classic fruit flavors with that trademark Starbuzz twist. From the sugary delight of Apple Cinnamon to the far-out Safari Melon Dew, there's no other manufacturer who does it like Starbuzz Tobacco.

      Go Boldly with Starbuzz Bold

      Starbuzz Bold could not have been named better. This premium blend of exotic, never-before-mixed flavors are just the thing to make your smoke sessions stand out. Starbuzz Bold offers intense flavor that shakes the very foundations of hookah tobacco. From the tangy spray of Black Peach Mist to the perfect mild sweetness of White Chai, these bold Starbuzz flavors are pushing boundaries. Impress your palate with one of these today!

      Starbuzz Vintage: For the Refined Hookah Smoker

      Starbuzz Vintage provides you with a robust, traditional smoke. Only experienced hookah smokers need apply! Starbuzz Vintage is mixed with a special dark, thick molasses that offers you a full yet pleasant buzz. Flavors include Dark Citrus Mint, Indian Spiced Apple, and Tiramisu, among many more. All Vintage Starbuzz flavors go the extra mile to provide you with a hookah session that's without equal. Starbuzz Vintage is available only in a 200g can to ensure you have plenty on hand to kick back and relax the Starbuzz way. is Your Dedicated Online Vendor is an exclusive authorized online dealer of Starbuzz Tobacco brand products. Come view the entire Starbuzz Tobacco flavors list on our product pages. We keep you updated with the latest and greatest flavor concoctions that Starbuzz releases. Be sure to keep checking back for new, fun flavors! We are also authorized Starbuzz Wholesale distributors. Get all your Starbuzz needs for your hookah store or smoke shop at!

      What are the best Starbuzz Tobacco flavors?


      Starbuzz carries a huge line of popular shisha flavors and it is difficult to narrow down the best tastes. The Starbuzz hookah flavors that sell the best are of course Blue Mist, Blue Surfer, and Code 69 but hookah enthusiasts also love Mighty Freeze, Pirate's Cave, and Sex on the Beach just to name a few.

      Does Starbuzz Hookah Shisha have nicotine?


      Starbuzz Tobacco is made up of Virginia leaf blonde tobacco which does contain nicotine as well as molasses, glycerin, honey and natural fruit flavorings for bold shisha flavors and thick smoke clouds.

      How long does Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco last?


      If stored correctly in an airtight container like a Ziploc bag, Tupperware or glass jar in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, Starbuzz Tobacco can retain freshness and quality for at least one year.

      Where is Starbuzz Tobacco Made?


      Starbuzz Tobacco flavors are produced right here in the United States using high quality, natural ingredients.