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MYA Saray Hookahs

Known as one of the finest hookah brands with the highest quality, MYA Saray offers a wide variety of styles and sizes of hookah pipes.

MYA Saray Hookahs




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      MYA Saray FAQS


      Mya Saray is considered by many to be among the finest hookah brands in the industry. Southsmoke is proud to offer a wide variety of amazing Mya hookahs for you to smoke from and enjoy. For over 40 years, the Mya Saray hookah brand has manufactured hookahs for true aficionados that know quality hookahs when they see them. Get yours today from and see the difference for yourself!

      Choose the Mya Hookah that Fits You Best

      Mya hookahs come in a variety of different sizes and styles to suit all smoking needs. Every type of hookah smoker is covered, from those who like to go big to more humble hookah fans. We offer you giant 31" models like the Blizzard and the Frost. Or if smaller is more your style, the mini Mya Petite line of hookah has several pocket-sized options for you to choose from, including the 8" Mya Bijou and 11" Mya Bambino.

      And of course Mya has hookahs for every size in between. No matter if you want a large Mya Saray or a mini Mya hookah, you can be sure you're getting a quality piece with Mya Saray!

      Get More From Your Mya Saray Hookah Purchase

      As if the appeal of your very own beautiful Mya hookah wasn't enough to grab your attention, we at are providing you with added incentive to choose this one-of-a-kind brand. We include hookah accessories with every Mya purchase, including premium hookah tongs, a hookah hose, and Mya rubber grommets. Additionally, many Mya hookahs come with their own carrying case, ensuring that your hookah is safe and sound when in transit.

      Order Your Mya Hookah Today!

      Don't settle for second best when choosing a hookah. When you purchase a Mya Hookah, you will know firsthand what top-of-the-line quality is and will experience a smoke unlike any you've ever had. And with so many styles to choose from at, you're sure to find the perfect Mya hookah for you. The level of craftsmanship and consideration of Mya Saray hookahs have been satisfying customers for years. Isn't it your turn to enjoy one of your own? Contact us and put in your Mya hookah order today!

      What are the Best Hookah Brands?


      The most popular hookah brands worldwide are Khalil Mamoon and Mya Saray Hookahs including the Econo Mya Hookah line. While very different, both companies produce high quality, durable shisha pipes for all levels of hookah smoker.

      Where Can I Buy Mya Hookahs?

      is a Mya Saray Hookah distributor in the United States. Find all of the most popular Mya Hookah models online including the Mya Bijou, Petite, QT, and Lindo.

      Are Mya Saray Hookahs good?


      Mya Saray creates premium hookah pipes that are durable and long lasting. Mya is a world leader in hookah design and manufacturing committed to making beautiful, functional pieces. The only company that makes real crystal hookah vases.

      Does Mya Saray Make Two Hose Hookahs?


      Many Mya Hookah models may be converted into a two hose hookah using the correct hose adapters which replace the stock purge valves. Some Mya Hookahs come equipped with two hose adapters from the factory.