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About Hookah

Over the past few years, the Hookah Industry in the United States has seen substantial growth, as more Americans are becoming aware of this ancient Middle Eastern tradition. The state of California is today considered to be "The Hookah Capital of the World", as there are more Hookah Bars in California than in any other state. Hookah Bars and Cafes are becoming more popular across the country, and may now be found in such areas as New York, Texas, and Arizona.

Hookah Lounges

Hookah Lounges are designed similar to that of a coffee shop, restaurant, or night club, so people of all ages may sit, drink, socialize, and puff on a Hookah Pipe. Hookah Bars offer an array of tobacco flavors, including Strawberry, Sweet Melon, and Apple, in order to appeal to one's personal preference. Hookah Bars have reinvented the restaurant and night club scene, allowing smokers to experience the true pleasures that the Hookah has to offer, while enjoying an array of live music, DJ's, and Five Star Cuisine.

Hookah Industry Growth

The recent success of the Hookah Industry may be attributed to the interest of college students and cigarette smokers nationwide. Since the Hookah Pipe comes in many designs, colors, and styles, the Hookah Pipe of today is able to appeal to every ethnic and age group.

Members of our US Armed Services that have been stationed in Iraq have recently ordered Hookah products through SouthSmoke.com, as they have noticed many of the natives of Iraq smoking this ancient pipe on a daily basis. We have been informed by US Military Personnel that the soldiers have actually been enjoying smoking the Hookah Pipes with the natives, and that has resulted in their interest to purchase one of their own.

Television programs and publications like Time Magazine have even featured articles and series focusing on the popularity of Hookahs in America, thereby making more people aware of what constitutes a Hookah Pipe. SouthSmoke.com's main Hookah Bar, The U, has been featured on Fox 2 News in St. Louis, and our company has been featured in the Louisiana Times-Picayune, promoting the growth of Hookahs within the United States.

Hookah and Smokers

Anti-smoking campaigns and efforts have not thus far harmed the Hookah Industry. Besides offering a new type of smoking experience besides the traditional methods of smoking a cigarette or cigar, the Hookah Pipe actually offers a less harmful smoking experience. Unlike cigarettes which contain high amounts of Nicotine and Tar, the Flavored Tobacco offered with the Hookah Pipes only contains a minimal amount of Nicotine (.5%) and absolutely no Tar (0%).

Smokers who have been addicted to smoking a few packs of cigarettes per day for 30 or more years are finding that smoking the Hookah actually decreases one's craving for nicotine and results in the smoker becoming unaddicted to smoking. When smoking the Hookah Pipe, the Flavored Tobacco is also filtered through water, which may substituted for alcohol products, or flavored juices, and filters out the residue and carcinogens that a cigarette often places in a smoker's lungs.

Hookah Future

For now, the Hookah Industry seems to be surpassing previous revenue estimates, and looks to be heading upward in the near future. We do not feel that the Hookah will ever go out of style in America, like the Cigar Bars did, as the Hookah Pipe offers a smoother, more relaxing smoking experience.

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