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Mya Saray Hookah

Mya Saray Hookahs

Mya hookahs are among the finest hookahs in the industry, and is proud to offer a wide variety of these amazing pieces. For over 40 years, Mya has been manufacturing the finest of hookahs for true aficionados that know quality hookahs when they see them.

For a limited time, upgrade your Mya Hookah to 2-Hoses or 4-Hoses for only $10 by taking advantage of the Mya Hookah Multiplier Effect Promotion.

Mya Saray is known worldwide for manufacturing a premium line of Acrylic and Bohemian Hookahs. Mya hookahs combine traditional elements with exotic attributes that really make these hookahs stand out from the crowd. When you smoke a Mya Hookah, you will no doubt appreciate the intricate details and superior level of perfection that god sin to each and every piece the brand produces. Never before has the hookah industry seen this level of craftsmanship and consideration for each and every elect of a hookah.

Mya hookahs come in a variety of different styles to suit all smoking needs. From the Frost, standing at an impressive 31” to the Mya petite hookah, the brand has every smoker covered regardless of need. Mya hookahs are also quite unique in their manufacturing. Mya introduced the world to the hookah pressure releaser, allowing smokers to simply turn a knob on the exterior to release pressure inside the hookah versus the old method of pulling the stem from the glass. These hookahs also tout a stem that can be taken apart to make cleaning them a breeze.

Each Mya hookah comes with its own carrying case, ensuring that your hookah is safe and sound when in transit: Mya hookahs are so beautiful and well made, you’ll want to keep them protected and secure.

Don’t settle for second best when choosing a hookah. When you purchase a Mya Hookah, you will feel the top-of-the-line quality firsthand and experience a smoke unlike any you’ve ever had. With so many styles to choose from, there is a Mya hookah perfect for you.

Still not seeing exactly what you want? carries a wide variety of hookahs in all sizes to ensure you find what you’re looking for.

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