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Nakhla: Exotic Flavors 250g
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Nakhla: Exotic Flavors 250g

5 review(s)
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Nakhla Tobacco Description

Nakhla Exotic Premium Flavored Tobacco is produced by the largest flavored tobacco manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1913 and manufactured in Egypt, Nakhla is shipped to over 90 different countries and was the first hookah tobacco brand to be offered worldwide. Their Exotic (or original) line is unwashed with a medium to large choppy cut that is undyed and very flavorful with more nicotine than most modern tobaccos. This line contains many classic flavors as well as a traditional flavorless option that all take hookah back to its roots by incorporating rich woody tobacco notes as a part of each flavor profile.

Nakhla has an interesting variety to choose from and their 250 gram packages allow for Hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is packaged in a box with a secondary inner package in brick form. This package is not resealable so store it at room temperature in an airtight container so that it is sure to maintain its freshness.

Nakhla produces the best results when using either a fluff pack in an Egyptian clay bowl or a semi-dense pack in a phunnel bowl. Always mix up your tobacco to redistribute the juices throughout the blend and then either sprinkle it in producing a fluff pack or slightly over pack it and press it down until it reaches the edge of the rim for a semi-dense pack depending on your hookah bowl of choice. Sight foil contact is fine since it is not very heat sensitive. Due to its resistance, it is recommended to start with 2-3 hookah coals depending on the bowl size and work your way up. Just keep in mind that even though it can take the heat, too much of it will turn the session harsh.

Nakhla Hookah Tobacco PDF Specs Sheet

How to Pack Flavored Tobacco

Nakhla: Exotic Flavored Tobacco 250g Specs
Brand Nakhla - The Nakhla Tobacco product may come in Nakhla Regular, Nakhla El Basha, or Nakhla Fakhfakhina, all of which are Nakhla Brand Tobacco products. Please contact Customer Support if further clarification is necessary.
Size 250g Box (.5% Nicotine)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 10 to 15 bowls
Country of Manufacture Egypt
Ingredients Tobacco, molasses, preservatives, and flavor
Shisha Flavors Apple (Focuses on the ripe and sweet apple with the anise as an afterthought), Apricot, Arabic Coffee (Robust coffee flavor), Banana, Cappuccino (Coffee and vanilla blend), Caramel, Cherry, Clementine (Mandarin), Coconut, Cola, Double Apple (Two apple with light anise), Grape (Juicy white grape), Jasmine, Lemon, Licorice, Mango, Mint (Peppermint), Mixed Fruit (Blend of lemon, kiwi, pineapple, and strawberry), Orange, Peach, Pistachio (Sweet and floral with a pistachio aftertaste), Rose, Strawberry, Sweet Melon (Cantaloupe), Vanilla, Zaghloul (Flavorless)
Health Warning Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products

Customer Reviews(5)

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Where is Nakhla now that its back to production ?
I know that covid stopped production but its been back on since almost a year now.
When can we get back our best smoking product from Nakhla ??
I miss my El basha grape flavour so bad.
Review by sebastien valade from Quebec Canada
Posted 21 Mar 2023
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2 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
Rose & Two Apple
The two apple I recieced was the saucy one in the new boxes. It wasn't realy worth a try for me because it was not intense. A 'nervous' tobacco for me.
Rose was out of the fakhfakina line and more intense but not what I expected. I had a turkish nakhla cherry before but years ago and so I expected more intense flavourings

Thanks to Southsmoke for great support and fast delivering!

Greetings from Germany!
Review by Dominik from Niedersachsen Germany
Posted 09 Nov 2017
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99 out of 187 people found the following review helpful
Amazing Brand!
This tobacco is by far the best I've smoked yet. I've tried Starbuzz, Fantasia and Al Fakher. This brand in the Double Apple (labled Two Apples on the box) has the best flavor and lasts the longest out of all I have personally tried. One thing that might throw some people off is the fact that it is no where near as juicy or wet as the more popular brands, but if you pack it right it really is a champ.
Review by Kenneth Potter from Ohio United States
Posted 17 Feb 2015
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371 out of 699 people found the following review helpful
The best
The best tobacco I ever bought online :)
Review by Mohammd Alanazi from Oklahoma United States
Posted 29 Jan 2015
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362 out of 737 people found the following review helpful
I want to buy double apple!
Review by Hussain Alnasser from Indiana United States
Posted 04 Oct 2014
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438 out of 823 people found the following review helpful