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Hookah Bowls




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      Find Your Ideal Hookah Bowls Here at

      Discover the many types of hookah bowls we offer to enhance your overall hookah experience. Any decent hookah bowl can hold your hookah charcoal and tobacco. However, we at believe you deserve the best hookah bowls around, which is why we carry only top quality products and brands. We're sure you'll like something from our selection.

      The ever-popular Phunnel hookah bowl is a fantastic choice if you're looking to smoke for long periods of time. This is because the Phunnel style is designed to retain shisha flavor by trapping the juices inside the top of the bowl. You will enjoy this ceramic bowl for years to come!

      On the flip side, some hookah lovers favor Vortex bowls instead of Phunnel bowls. Ideal for juicier shishas and tobaccos, Vortex bowls operate much the same way by offering you a long-lasting smoke session. If you want to get tons of smoke and tons of flavor, a Vortex hookah bowl is what you want.

      You can also add a splash of color to your hookah with the incredibly popular Apple on Top hookah bowl. Like the Vortex and Phunnel bowls, this bowl is meant to keep flavor while offering you superior heat management with its rotating charcoal screen.

      We also have traditional Egyptian-style clay hookah bowls that are traditional and refined. Easy to clean and unaffected by rust or stain, this style of hookah bowl still distributes heat with the best of them! There's a reason why a clay bowl is considered one of the most classic hookah bowl types.

      Fill Your Hookah Bowl with Fantastic Flavors

      What's in your hookah bowl? We at carry one of the widest selection of hookah flavors on the Web. From hookah flavored tobacco to shisha and herbal shisha, we carry just the thing to fit in your hookah bowl. Classic flavors can satisfy the most discerning palate, while our premium line of hookah flavors can expand your exotic tastes.

      Vapor Hookah has designed a line of multi-headed ceramic hookah bowls. These bowls are ideal for mixing flavors to create your own unique tastes. Available in double, triple, and quadruple head bowls, these will have you hooked on trying to find the next perfect shisha combination!

      Don't Forget Our Other Hookah Bowl Products

      Everyone knows hookah bowls aren't the only thing you need for a great smoke session (although it certainly does help). We at encourage you to stop by our hookah accessories page to find great companion products to your new hookah bowl.

      We carry premium hookah foil that you can use to cover your hookah bowl. These foils are designed to fit most kinds of hookah bowl types. Or if you prefer an alternative way to hold your coals, charcoal screens may be for you. If you're worried about your coals being blown off the top of your bowl, we also have wind covers that can help with that, as well as a ceramic bowl with a lid. This is one of the most revolutionary hookah bowl types that eliminates the chance that a breeze will cover the room with ash.

      Which Hookah Bowl is the Best?


      The three main styles of hookah bowl are the Egyptian bowl, vortex bowl, and phunnel bowl. The phunnel hookah bowl is most popular for modern shisha brands that contain more juice.

      Are Hookah Bowls Universal?


      Majority of modern hookah bowls use a female connection and will fit on most hookahs using the correct rubber grommets. The inner diameter may differ from bowl to bowl but hookah bowl grommets vary in thickness allowing you to match bowl, grommet, and hookah.

      How Long Does a Hookah Bowl Last?


      Many factors play into the duration of a smoking session including type of hookah charcoal, amount of coals and shisha tobacco (the size of your hookah bowl determines how much shisha tobacco it can hold), how often you take puffs and how long those puffs are. An average hookah session is anywhere from 45 minutes to one and a half hours.

      What is the Best Material for Hookah Bowls?


      Most premium hookah bowls are handmade using a clay mixture. Clay is the best material for holding heat produced by hookah coals. Clay hookah bowls can be glazed or unglazed and are made in many styles including the phunnel hookah bowl and Egyptian hookah bowl.