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Ways To Improve Your Hookah Flavor

Ways To Improve Your Hookah Flavor

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Flavor Tips

There is nothing worse than a hookah session that doesn’t taste quite right or just plain nasty. What you may not know is that there are a number of variables that can contribute to either a pleasant session or a bad one. While a lot of them may be common sense they can often get neglected and taken for granted. All Natural Hookah Cleaner

Clean Your Hookah

Let’s go ahead and get the most obvious out of the way. A clean hookah can majorly affect the overall quality of your hookah session and it can be a health hazard not to clean it regularly. Letting old water sit builds up a whole lot of nasty stuff from prior sessions as well as all the inner working of that hookah pipe. Clean it out, break it down, and store it dry regularly.

Know How To Pack Shisha

Packing your shisha correctly can also influence the taste of your session. Know how the brand you choose smokes best. Haze tobacco for instance smokes best over packed and super-hot while Al-Fakher flavored shisha is just a typical fluff pack. Be sure to be more conscientious of the heat with Al-Fakher though as it is more susceptible to burning than Haze. Al-Fakher Special Edition Flavored Hookah Tobacco

Fruit Juice in Your Hookah?

Yet another positive way you can influence the taste of your hookah session is by the use of juice added to your vase water or with a fruit head. With the correct parts it is possible to even create a fruit base for your hookah if you really want to get creative. All of these will dramatically impact the flavor of your session. If you have never tried it then it is certainly something to try at least once. hopes you find these tips useful as the holiday season approaches. If you introduce someone new to hookah be sure to give them these pointers!

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