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The Top 6 Hookah Hoses: Disposable Versus Washable

The Top 6 Hookah Hoses: Disposable Versus Washable

By Amir / April 29, 2024

What’s The Best Hookah Hose?

If you have been smoking hookah for a while then you know hookah hoses get really dirty. If you’ve never cleaned one out, you wouldn’t believe what can come out of them. Some hoses you simply cannot clean because of the materials used to create them. Two great options to choose between are disposable and washable. So what are the benefits?

Disposable Hookah HoseFancy hookah hose disposable hookah hose in variety of colors

A disposable hose such as the Clear hose or Fancy hookah hose are great and inexpensive. If you are worried about ghosting flavors or you just want to keep things sanitary, they can be a one-time use or they are durable enough to last a few more sessions.

Washable Hookah Hose

There is a large variety of “washable” hoses out there but hands down silicone hoses, like the Vapor V-Hose, are the easiest to clean. The material itself is going to be resistant to retaining odors and it is easy to clean. Most silicone hoses come with removable tips so you can really get in there to clean.

Top Disposable Hookah Hoses

Fancy Hose – stylish look for the price and they are affordable. Clear Hose – the design has a shorter hose handle than the fancy hose but also a great option. Al-Fakher Healthy Hose – similar to the fancy hose but it only comes in one color.

Top Washable Hookah Hoses

Vapor V-Hose – removable glass handle with a silicone hose. It has a great price and great value. It’s easy to clean and pleasing to look at. Vapor Silicone Hose – similar to the V-Hose, but with an aluminum handle rather than a glass one. It is a little less fragile than the V-Hose counterpart. Grand Hose – similar to a traditional Khalil Mamoon long handle hose but with cleaning capabilities. The tip is also removable, allowing you extra access to clean it out and add a freeze tip.

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