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Starbuzz Vintage: Dark Mist Flavor Review

Starbuzz Vintage: Dark Mist Flavor Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Dark Mist Flavored Shisha

Has anyone else noticed there is a lot of "dark" involved with the new Starbuzz Vintage Line? Is it because Starbuzz Tobaccodecided to use dark leaf tobacco, or maybe because a lot of the flavor profiles seem to be shrouded in secrecy. Lucky for us, we are going to review a pretty straight forward flavor of shisha today, Dark Mist. One look at the label and we see the blackberries pictured and Starbuzz's signature Mist in the flavor name. This shisha flavor makes sense, while Blackberry is not in Starbuzz's top popular hookah tobacco flavors, it is still a hit among those that like a fruitier smoke. So why not mix it with their minty Mist secret concoction, all of their flavors that contain the Mist are a hit with hookah lovers.

Hookah Setup

For this review we set up the trusty Khalil Mamoon Monarch, a beautiful hookah that has yet to let us down over the years. In the name of consistency, we used Cocobuzz Coconut charcoal and Vapor Foil.

Flavor Review

This flavor on inhale will hit you with that fresh berries and mint flavor reminding you of the summer that is about to grace us. Like many flavor profiles, Starbuzz has perfected the dark berry flavor like no other. As with all of the Vintage flavors, the exhale is greeted with a touch of the dark leaf flavor but it is by no means over powering. For those of you looking for something more, Starbuzz Vintage will give you that heavier smoke that will take you to the next level. Check out all 18 of the Starbuzz Vintage flavors at and don't forget to leave your flavor reviews while your there!

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