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Spring is for Cleaning & Smoking Outside

Spring is for Cleaning & Smoking Outside

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Spring is Coming! Time for Smoking Outside

Spring is sprung! Well, almost. March 20th to be exact. Days are getting longer, the weather is slowly warming and the barren wasteland that is winter is finally turning green. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, it’s a perfect time to take your hookah outside. Enjoy the warm sunshine by smoking outside with a relaxing hookah session. Is your hookah ready to see the light of day? Have you done your spring cleaning? Does your hose still taste like those winter flavors you’ve been packing for months? Now’s the time to step up your hookah game for the new season. Freshen up your trusty hookah setup with cleaning supplies from Or, start new with a recently released Vapor Hookah. Maybe even try some new flavored tobacco inspired by the tastes of spring. Have a crisp, new outlook on everything hookah for the warm weather ahead. Cleaning supplies on counter

Clean that Hookah

Don’t let old shisha flavors hinder your spring hookah sessions. Flavors built up from months of smoking, cooped up inside due to cold weather. Flavored tobacco can “ghost” inside your hookah hose, base and stem over time. The flavors leave a residue that can build up and add unwanted tastes to the shisha you are currently smoking. Disassemble your hookah and give it a deep clean with brushes and solutions from SouthSmoke. If you are unfamiliar with where to start, take a look at our maintenance guide here. A good deep clean will change your hookah experience drastically. Vapor Hookah models

That Shiny New, New

Maybe it’s just time to say goodbye to that old hookah setup and start fresh with something new from Vapor Hookahs. Vapor recently released several uniquely styled hookahs just in time for spring. Built with innovative technology and with several bright colors to choose from, these Vapor Hookahs are sure to improve your hookah sessions. Models such as the Genesis, Lumi, and Tango have eye-popping style with creatively designed stems and come with a silicone hose. The Zilla has a detachable tobacco juice catcher to boot! All sealed tightly with screw-on technology for optimal smoking. jasmine flowers

Spring Shisha Flavors

Finish off your spring hookah prep with flavored tobacco to match the season. Floral tastes are an obvious selection with choices like Jasmine by Fumari and Starbuzz Flower Power or Green Savior from their Bold Line. Flowers are blooming so tag along with fresh floral flavors in your next session. Or, take the fruity or citrus route to really jump start your spring. Mango Lemonade from Al-Waha Tobacco is a great start or Ugly Tobacco’s Citrus Breeze. Warm weather begs for fruity flavors so indulge in these citrus blends to get the vibe right. oranges hanging on tree

Everything in One Place!

Whether you need to clean your favorite hookah from winter buildup or build your collection with something new from Vapor Hookahs, has what you need. From cleaning supplies, name brand hookahs, hookah accessories and a huge selection of flavored tobacco, you’ll find everything you need to have your spring hookah sessions smoking right!

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