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Mya Chikita - Hookah on the Go!

Mya Chikita - Hookah on the Go!

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Mya Saray Mya chikita portable Hookah

Mya Chikita: The Perfectly Portable Hookah

Do you ever find yourself traveling with your hookah to a friend’s house or on vacation? If you are like me, you end up wrapping it with enough towels to keep a small empire safe throughout the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and it still doesn’t ease the anxiety of it possibly breaking. Traveling with your favorite set up is stressful - but don’t panic, Mya Saray has a solution. Introducing the Mya Chikita: The perfectly portable hookah! This miniature beauty is just what you need if you like to enjoy your hookah on the go.

Details & Mya Saray Hookah Accessories

Fully assembled, it is just under 12” tall and it breaks down to make it even easier to pack safely for travel. The stem is sturdy and solid black with a super tight grip on the vase to ensure a solid session. The vases are cone shaped frosted glass that is thick and available in various colors. Each version comes with a 74” solid matching hose that is completely washable and correlates with the matching porcelain bowls that are also provided along with all the necessary rubber grommets and a nice set of premium tongs. It comes fully equipped as a single hose model but is also capable of being upgraded to a two hose model if you are sharing your session with a friend … or a Vogon. At least if they are hitting the hookah you don’t have to worry about hearing the third worst poetry in the galaxy or sharing your hose with something even evolution gave up on. To upgrade the Mya Chikita to a multi-hose model, all you need is to pick up the proper Mya hookah hose stem adapter, a rubber hose grommet, and an additional hose. If you like a wide body hose that is completely washable then the 57 inch Mya Freeze Silicone Hose is perfect size and adds a little chill to your smoke or the 60 inch Mya Long Rubber Handle Silicone Hose gives you a longer reach and has a very smooth feel to the handle. Both of these hoses are guaranteed to be a perfect fit and are available in colors suited to match your new Mya Chikita. All of these products and more are available at

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