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National Donut Day 2019 - Pastry Shisha Flavors

National Donut Day 2019 - Pastry Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

National Donut Day Shisha Flavors

Who doesn’t love donuts? Maybe not the healthiest day to day breakfast but a great treat. You know you get excited any time someone brings a mixed box of the delicious deep fried circles to share at work. Almost as good as a new flavored tobacco release! Whether it be jelly filled, glazed, chocolate or even topped with bacon, a donut is sure to brighten anyone’s day. We're celebrating national donut day with our favorite donut-y, dessert-y hookah shisha flavors. We think you should too. Enjoy these pastry shisha flavors.

Donut or Doughnut?

Two different spellings accompany the tasty treat, donut or doughnut, so why not have two separate national days? That’s exactly what the donut gets with special days on the first Friday of June and November 5th. We are here to help you celebrate the latter with pastry, cake, muffin and dessert shisha tobacco! But first, a quick history lesson on National Donut Day and how it came to be. Box of mixed donuts on office desk

National Donut Day – A History Lesson

To better understand the second day of donuts, let’s dive into the reason behind the first. During World War 1, the Salvation Army sent women to France to prepare food and boost morale of soldiers on the front line. They quickly discovered that old helmets worked well for frying up donuts much to the delight of tired and hungry soldiers. Because of these “donut lassies”, Salvation Army created National Donut Day on the first Friday of June to recognize the effort. The second national day is a little harder to trace. Many think it was created because of its proximity to Veterans Day as another way to acknowledge their service. I don’t think anyone is complaining about having two donut days. I know I’ll be at Dunkin’ if they’re offering free fried circles.

Pastry Shisha Flavors for National Donut Day

Now what we are really here for, hookah shisha. As tobacco brands search for new recipes to satisfy the masses and touch on every palate, pastry, cake and dessert tobacco blends were introduced. At this point you can really get any flavor of shisha you can imagine. A number of modern hookah brands have tried these blends out and only some have succeeded. Here’s our list of top pastry, cake, muffin and dessert hookah tobacco flavors. Get your hookah bowl ready. Al-Amir Tobacco with jelly donuts and coffee

Al-Amir Tobacco - Blueberry Jubilee - Jelly Donut

Blueberry, cream and crumbles. Similar to a blueberry jelly filled donut. A fresh, natural blueberry smell and taste come through your hookah hose in a smooth smoke form. A sweet blonde tobacco from the more traditional Al-Amir Hookah. Huge clouds and longevity accompany this dessert shisha flavor. Afzal Tobacco Hazelnut Cream Waffle with donuts

Afzal Tobacco - Hazelnut Cream Waffle - Cream Filled Donut Sprinkled with Hazelnuts

Afzal Hookah continues their tradition of off the beaten path flavored tobacco and hit it big with this creamy shisha! Perfect for an early morning hookah session right around breakfast. This tobacco may fit National Donut Day best with its cream filled donut sprinkled with hazelnuts doppelganger. Sweet and savory to meet the demands of your sweet tooth. Azure Tobacco Gold Line and Black Line with mixed donuts

Azure Tobacco - King of Dessert Shisha Flavors

Azure Hookah Tobacco is by far the leader in dessert hookah. With many flavors filling the Azure Gold Line as well as the Azure Black Line. Some of the most famous being Blueberry Muffin and Lemon Muffin. Also check out Mango Cheesecake, Cherry Muffin and Chocolate Cake. These appetizing blends cannot be dismissed and really need no explanation as the names say it all. Azure Hookah is a can’t miss when it comes to National Doughnut Day. Fumari Tobacco Blueberry Muffin with blueberry donut

Fumari Tobacco - Blueberry Muffin - Blueberry Buttermilk Donut

Fumari took their own shot at Blueberry Muffin hookah tobacco and they didn’t disappoint. Compared to a blueberry buttermilk donut, Blueberry Muffin is an exact match. If this donut is in the mixed box in the cafeteria, I’m definitely taking it before someone else does. A little sweeter blueberry than Azure’s iteration but it still hits the spot.

Fantasia Tobacco - Red Velvet - Red Velvet Donut

The red velvet donut is your favorite donut you always forget about. Smooth red velvet chocolate in shisha form is just as good! A smooth hit through your hookah that put all your nerves at ease. This washed tobacco from Fantasia Hookah is worth a try. I promise you won’t regret it. Celebrate National Donut Day 2019 on November 5th with unique pastry shisha flavors from! Try something new with a pastry, cake, muffin or dessert hookah blend from some of the biggest tobacco names in the game!

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