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Love & Shisha - Valentine's Day Hookah

Love & Shisha - Valentine's Day Hookah

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Smells of Romance or Fine Tobacco?

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just ahead. Do you have a date night planned or a card and teddy bear to gift your significant other? Are you now freaking out because you didn’t realize V-Day was only a couple days away? Not to worry, I’m here to help with last-minute ideas for that special hookah lover in your life. Nothing says love like candlelight, chocolates, floral smells, and a shared hookah. Enjoy a Valentines's Day hookah.

Location, Location, Location

Dreamy scenery makes for the best Valentine’s rendezvous. Pack up your hookah, grab your companion by the hand and head out to one of these charming locations. Dinner on the beach at night with candles Session on the Beach… at Night. Crashing waves and the smell of the ocean, nothing more relaxing. Watch the sunset and vibe out with your date by taking in some Azure Gold Fun at the Beach to really bring it all together. End the night by staring at the stars. Your partner will think you’ve had this planned for weeks. Couple resting by the lake after hiking Overlook the Valley. Take the date on a hike. Get in some physical activity then settle down with your sweetheart overlooking the valley. Break out the shisha to really soak it all in. A Petite Mya Hookah works perfectly for such an occasion. Fancy dinner on the table with hookah in the background A Night In. You may not have access to beautiful locations such as these. In that case, you can always set up a candlelit dinner with hookah as the centerpiece. Lay out a white tablecloth, sprinkle it with rose peddles, dim the lights and fire up some candles. Dazzle your date with a home-cooked meal and hookah for dessert. May I suggest Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu? If you burn dinner, take them to the best local lounge. Benefits of hookah dates explained in our recent blog “Adding a Hookah to Date Night”.

Who Needs Teddy Bears When There is Shisha? Valentine's Day Hookah

A big part of Valentine’s Day is the meaningful gifts given. Usually, a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates does the trick. This year, get them what they really want, hookah flavored tobacco and accessories from! Valentines gifts on table flavored tobacco heart box A Bouquet of Floral Flavors Sticking with the smells of V-Day, floral shisha flavors will bring the right mood. Azure Gold Winter Rose or Al-Fakher Jasmine or Rose. These packages of flavored tobacco will last longer than any bouquet of real roses you were thinking about buying. Show your S.O. that you’re in this for the long game. Go Big or Go Home Maybe floral flavors aren’t your thing. If you’ve been dating for a while, you probably know your partner’s favorite flavor. Go big and buy a full kilo to ensure that they have many enjoyable hookah sessions in the future. Fancy Hardware Show them you really care. Improve their hookah with a Heat Management Device (HMD) like the Phoenix. Aerospace grade aluminum tells your date that you don’t take their love for granted. You want the best for them. These are just a couple ideas for your Valentine’s Day. Take what you want. But, don’t forget the chocolates. Make your date special with hookah flavored tobacco and accessories from

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