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Hookah Heat Management Devices




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      Hookah Heat Management Devices

      Improve the quality and overall experience of your hookah sessions with a heat management device. HMDs are one of the newest hookah accessories to hit the hookah market, and we think it might just be the best invention since sliced bread. Heat management devices disperse heat evenly by uniformly heating your shisha, eliminating hot spots and the need to rotate your charcoal.

      Here at we believe you should have the best possible hookah experience, which is why we only stock the very best quality heat management devices.

      HMDs Provide Even Heat Distribution

      Hookah heat management devices allow you to control the flow of heat to your hookah while also providing even heat distribution throughout your hookah session. HMDs feature adjustable lids and air vents which you can tweak and adjust throughout your hookah session to achieve the perfect flavor, cloud thickness, and heat for your preferences.

      HMDs use lids and air vents that allow you to take control of the heat throughout a hookah session. Do you need more heat to create bigger clouds and a stronger shisha flavor? Just close the vents or put the lid on your HMD to trap the heat inside. Is your smoke becoming too harsh? Open up the vents on your HMD to allow more airflow to pass through your hookah as well as release some of that trapped heat.

      Longer Hookah Sessions

      Enjoy longer hookah sessions with a heat management device. HMDs allow less oxygen to reach the hookah charcoals, causing them to burn slower. Slower burning hookah coals means they last longer and support a longer, better quality smoke session.Not only will your hookah session be more enjoyable but from a technical and practical aspect, using a heat management device actually improves the overall function of your hookah.

      For Beginners & Experienced Hookah Smokers

      Hookah heat management devices generate consistently better smoke sessions for even the most experienced hookah smokers. They are also perfect for beginners; you don?t need to be a seasoned hookah enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of a quality heat management device. Ultimately, more control over the heat and airflow of your hookah means better, more enjoyable results.

      Browse our selection of high quality hookah heat management devices including the Phoenix HMD and the Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System and order today for the best possible hookah smoking experience out there.

      What are hookah heat management devices made from?


      The most popular heat mangers for hookahs are crafted with aluminum. There are also some unique devices that utilizes stainless steel, and can be preheated before use.