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How to Clean a Hookah: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean a Hookah: Step-by-Step Guide

By Amir / April 29, 2024

How to Clean a Hookah: Hookah Maintenance 101

With the holidays fast approaching now is the perfect time for a refresher on how to clean a hookah! We’re here to help you give your hookah a deep clean so it's ready to show off to friends and family this holiday season. We're going to walk you through every step of how to get your hookah sparkling clean. We know there are a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos on how to clean a hookah, many skip over one of the most important steps: disassembling your hookah properly! Before you begin cleaning, be sure to take your hookah completely apart so that you can clean all of the individual parts. This includes removing all rubber grommets, adapters, and purge valves. Now let's get started!

When to Clean Your Hookah

It is important to at least wipe down and rinse your hookah after each use. A simple mixture of warm water and lemon juice is all you need to keep your hookah in good condition between sessions. Simply disassemble, rinse and wipe down the individual parts, then allow the parts to completely dry before putting your hookah back together. In addition to the regular maintenance after each use, be sure to give your hookah a deep clean once every 2-4 weeks for the best smoking performance. Now let's move onto cleaning supplies.

Hookah Cleaning Supplies

To get your hookah looking spotless, you must first gather the proper hookah cleaning supplies. While much of the cleaning process can be achieved with warm water and lemon juice, we recommend Formula 420 Hookah Cleaner for those times that your glass hookah needs a little extra care. In addition, a set of cleaning brushes can be a game changer when thoroughly cleaning your hookah vase and stem. Formula 420 Hookah Cleaner

How to Clean Hookah Hose

Before cleaning your hookah hose, it is important to determine whether or not the hose is washable. Many hookah hoses have metal coils inside that can rust if you attempt to clean them with water. If you are unsure whether or not your hose is washable, simply squeeze the body of the hose to feel whether or not there is a metal coil inside. Another easy method is to hold a strong magnet up to the hose to see if there is any metal inside. If your hose contains a metal coil, the safest method to clean it is to blow through the hose forcefully to clear out any leftover particles. If your hose is washable, simply plug one end with your thumb and pour warm water inside. Plug the other end and shake the hose a few times to circulate the water and clean out any leftover particles. Regardless of which method you use to clean your hookah hose, always hang the hose to let it dry/air out after each session.

How to Clean Hookah Stem and Hookah Vase

Rinse the inside of your stem and vase with warm water and use Formula 420 Hookah Cleaner or lemon juice to break up particles/residue. Using your Cleaning Brushes, scrub the inside of each part thoroughly before rinsing again with warm water. After each part has been completely rinsed, set the hookah vase upside down (safely) so that it may dry. For the hookah stem, be sure to prop up one end to allow gravity to do the drying for you. cleaning brushes for hookah

How to Clean Hookah Bowl

A common mistake when cleaning your hookah is attempting to clean your hookah bowl too quickly after a smoking session. Keep in mind that if you clean your bowl while it is still hot, you risk damaging the bowl. It is always safer to allow your hookah to cool off before you begin cleaning. Once your bowl has cooled, be sure to a least rinse it after each use. In addition, use a narrow cleaning brush to scrub the inside of the main shaft to clear any debris. (A soft brush is recommended for this to protect the glaze/finish of the bowl.)

How to Clean Other Hookah Parts

Don’t forget the smaller parts of your hookah when cleaning! It is important to clean each rubber grommet, hose adapter, purge valve, etc. to ensure that you continue getting top performance out of your hookah. These smaller parts can be washed just like you would wash your dishes. Gently scrub with warm water and lemon juice and be sure to thoroughly rinse/dry each part before reassembling your hookah. Hookah Grommets diagram Mya Hookah

Reassemble Your Hookah

After all parts have completely dried, reassemble your hookah and enjoy! Remember, the more you take care of your hookah the more your hookah will take care of you. For a visual on how to clean each hookah part, check out our YouTube channel!

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