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Hookah with the Family this Thanksgiving

Hookah with the Family this Thanksgiving

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Thanksgiving: A Great Day for Hookah

A day to give thanks, to stuff your face until you can’t stuff anymore. A day to gather with friends and family to catch up, watch football and play games. Sounds like a perfect day for hookah. Whether you are traveling home or bringing the family to your abode, add hookah shisha to the menu this Thanksgiving. A great way to bring the group together as you pass the hookah hose. Perfect for gathering on the couch to catch the football game after dinner. Or, break out the fall flavored shisha tobacco early in the day to get the aroma and set the feasting mood. However you decide to smoke Thanksgiving Day, let’s be thankful for our hookahs this holiday season.

Family-Style Hookah Session

Are you prepared for your family this Thanksgiving? Not just mentally prepared, I mean your hookah. Is your hookah ready for that big of a party? Have you planned ahead and ordered disposable hookah mouth tips for everyone? Is your hookah a multi hose hookah capable of allowing two or three to join in? Did you even remember to pick up hookah foil?! No worries, that’s why SouthSmoke is here to remind you. It’s best to pick up another hookah hose or two to convert your pipe into a two hose hookah or three hose hookah if it’s capable. While you’re at it, grab a large hookah bowl like the Extra Large Egyptian Clay Bowl for a longer smoking session. Finish the setup off with CocoUrth Big Cube hookah charcoal and a kilo size shisha container to keep the party rolling as long as possible.

What Are We Thankful For?

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco Kilos on table with pumpkin pie, candle and hand holding cup of coffee

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco 1kg Tub

Who doesn’t love Trifecta Tobacco? Wonderful blonde and dark leaf shisha blends in every flavor you can think of. Flavored tobacco that takes heat well and the flavor lasts forever. This year we are extra thankful for Trifecta Shisha because now has it in 1 kilo sizes! That’s more Trifecta Hookah for everyone! The whole line of washed tobacco and Trifecta Dark Blend can be found online right now! CocoUrth Big Cube Hookah Coconut Charcoal, 192 piece box, in basket surrounded by green leafy vines

CocoUrth Big Cube Hookah Charcoal

We are thankful for the whole hookah charcoal lineup from CocoUrth but on this day, specifically the CocoUrth Big Cube Charcoal. While they take longer to heat up because of their size, like Thanksgiving dinner it’s worth the wait. These shisha coals are great for those long sessions with a large group taking many puffs. A longer burn means less time lighting and setting more coals as the day goes on. Don’t expect any drop in quality from the rest of the CocoUrth lineup either. Big Cube Coals are as clean as can be with no added taste to your shisha and an odorless light up. Black Friday Hookah Sale promotion banner, 25% off sitewide

Black Friday Hookah Sales at SouthSmoke!

Everybody loves sales, right?! Especially when it’s deals on something you love like hookah! The savings take a step up this weekend at for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so don’t miss out! Get up to 25% OFF your favorite hookahs, flavored tobacco, hookah charcoal and hookah accessories. It’s as easy as putting your products in your shopping cart and checking out, no code needed. Take advantage of these hookah deals as they don’t last long. Stock up on everything hookah for the foreseeable future. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at!

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