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Hookah Lounge Etiquette

Hookah Lounge Etiquette

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Lounge Etiquette Tips: An Intro or Refresher Course

New to hookah? Have you been to your local lounge yet? You’ve stumbled onto this blog for a reason. Hopefully, a friend or family member has introduced you to the wonderful world of hookah and you’ve decided to learn more! We would like to make your first lounge experience a positive one and have some tips to help you enjoy it. Maybe I’ve read you wrong and you’re a seasoned hookah enthusiast looking for a refresh on hookah etiquette. You’ve been smoking your ideal setups at home and are looking to get out and meet new hookah fanatics in your city or around the world. It’s always good to freshen up on hookah customs. blog title hookah lounge etiquette people smoking tobacco No matter the reason you are here, we have some tips and tricks to help you enjoy a hookah session wherever you are smoking. We’ve broken the rules down into two categories; general guidelines and rules for any hookah lounge and a set of more time-honored middle eastern traditions that apply to lounges in that region. RELATED – What to Do When Buying Your First Hookah

General Hookah Lounge Etiquette Guidelines

hookah lounge etiquette people smoking traditional tobacco

Respect the Establishment

The golden rule of life, be polite to staff and respect the equipment. Follow the “house rules” of each hookah institution. Being nice will get you far and the server will be more helpful in the end. Let them tend to the hookah, they know what they are doing and we don’t need any hookah charcoal burning the floor.

Respect Your Fellow Smokers

Use a mouth tip, don’t spread your germs. Hookah lounges should give each person an unopened tip for more hygienic smoking. Don’t go to the lounge if you’re sick, nobody wants that. Be aware of where you blow smoke. Exhaling in someone’s face is rude, don’t be that guy. hookah lounge etiquette people smoking tobacco

Pass That Hose

You’re smoking with friends, sharing the experience which means sharing the hookah hose. 2 to 3 minutes per turn is a good rule to live by. Pass the hose in a clockwise rotation and point the tip of the hookah hose at yourself while passing. Pointing the hose at people can come off as a little rude, better to just stay away from it. When using a multi-hose hookah, remember you still need to take turns. Plug your hose while others smoke so they don’t just suck air. When your group is finished, wrap the hose around the stem of the hookah to notify staff. Never let the hose touch the floor!

Traditional Hookah Customs

While the rules above apply to any lounge you may frequent, when in the Middle East or even a more traditional hookah lounge here in the states, they may have more classic customs they follow. Don’t look like a rookie and inadvertently disrespect their traditions, follow these simple rules to fit right it. hookah lounge etiquette people smoking traditional tobacco

The Hookah is a Server

The hookah is purposely placed on the floor, do not move it. A hookah is seen as a servant to you and it should never be above the people that are smoking it. It’s telling them they are lower than it and a “slave” to the tobacco or nicotine.

Hose Handling

Always handle the hookah hose with your right hand as the left is seen as “dirty”. Passing the hose in some countries is a no-no. If this is a tradition where you are, when your turn is done, hang the handle from the stem to tell fellow smokers your turn is finished. If passing is accepted, never point the hose at someone. Pass the base of the handle first. When accepting a hose, slightly tap the hand of the passer as a sign of respect and to say “thank you”. Just a very subtle tap, not a high five. Hookah lounge etiquette can have many subtleties. RELATED – See our list of Hookah Lounges around the country Now you are ready to join your friends in enjoying your favorite hookah flavored tobaccos at any lounge around the world! Always remember to have fun, that’s most important. Hookah smoking is intended to be social and savored by many so you should embrace the time with other enthusiasts. Ease into it if you’re new, take it slow and remember to enjoy it. Don’t smoke more than you can handle and always hydrate. After visiting a couple lounges and you’re ready to purchase your own hookah, visit for all your hookah needs! Happy smoking!

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