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Hookah Accessories Worth Buying - Best Hookah Supplies 2020

Hookah Accessories Worth Buying - Best Hookah Supplies 2020

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Supplies that Upgrade Your Shisha Experience

When you buy a hookah at, you receive everything needed to smoke your favorite shisha tobacco. Most hookahs include a hookah hose, classic Egyptian style hookah bowl, vase and stem. What more could you need? Let’s just say that the included hookah accessories usually aren’t the latest technology and in turn do not give you the optimal hookah session. Times have changed, traditional bowls and hookah hoses that aren’t washable are a thing of the past. The modern movement of the hookah industry has produced so many new hookah supplies that benefit you greatly and SouthSmoke wants to help you experience the best smoking session possible. Let’s start with the add ons that benefit you the most! Hookah Accessories Worth Buying Blog

Hookah Accessories Worth Buying

When you are ready to upgrade your hookah, the first steps are always a hookah bowl and hose. These two accessories have the biggest impact on each hookah session and deserve more attention. You’ll experience hookah like never before with these simple improvements. If you want to take your sessions to the absolute top, ponder a hookah heat management device. The latest technology in the hookah world. Not a necessity, but an added benefit that cannot be overlooked. Hookah bowl packed with shisha - phunnel bowl

Hookah Bowl

Egyptian style clay bowls do what they need to do but not at an optimal level. The first move to make when upgrading your hookah is to purchase a phunnel bowl. The best hookah bowl style right now is the phunnel because of its heat distribution and ability to “funnel” smoke down the center spire while keeping molasses and excess juice in the bowl. They are recognizable by the single raised spire in the middle of the bowl with a single large hole in the center.

Silicone Hose

A silicone hookah hose improves your experience in so many ways! First and foremost, they are more sanitary and easier to clean. Simply run warm water with maybe some lemon juice throughout and let dry to keep in pristine condition. Traditional hoses use a mix of metal and cardboard inside the hose which does not mix well with water. You can only hope airing the hose out after a smoke does the trick. Pro tip… it doesn’t. They fall apart over time and trap flavor from past sessions inside. Silicone hoses allow you to try many tobacco flavors without ghosting. No more double apple flavor sneaking its way into your Starbuzz Blue Mist. Vapor Hookahs Silicone Hookah Hose and Atomic Silicone Hookah Hose

Heat Management Device

Looking for a top tier hookah session? A hookah heat management device (hmd) allows you to have more control of the heat produced by your hookah charcoal. Trap heat in to pull more smoke or release some to cool off the harsh tobacco. The latest trend in hookah is growing in popularity with each iteration released from companies like Apple on Top and their Provost HMD or Phoenix with the Phoenix Heat Management Device. Have more control of your hookah session with an HMD and take hookah to the next level. Spring hookah sale 20% off hookah accessories

Spring Sale – Hookah Accessories 20% Off

It’s the first day of spring (March 19th) and SouthSmoke is helping you upgrade your hookah and maybe do a little spring cleaning. Take 20% Off all hookah accessories and hookah cleaning supplies on the website! Now is the time to pick up any of the aforementioned upgrades at super low prices! And, what is spring without spring cleaning? Grab some Formula 420 Cleaner to give your pipe a deep clean and get it smoking like new again. Wondering how to clean a hookah? Check out our recent blog here. When shopping at SouthSmoke, use code SPRING20 through March 31st, 2020 to get your 20% off hookah accessories and cleaning supplies.

Health & Safety Tips During COVID-19/CoronaVirus

While cleaning your hookah is on your mind, don’t forget to take extra caution when smoking with friends in these trying times. Clean your hookah often, use a disposable hookah hose when you can and always use hookah mouth tips when sharing the hose. Take advantage of the above sale if you need to stock up and smoke safe. These changes may not stop the spread of COVID-19 but they can only help. Be responsible and stay safe out there. The Spring Sale 20% Off hookah accessories deal is available worldwide March 19th – March 31st, 2020 and cannot be combined with other offers or deals.

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