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Hookah 101: What is an Electronic Hookah?

Hookah 101: What is an Electronic Hookah?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

What is an E Hookah?

A simple question with no simple answer. E hookah can come in several different forms and each is smoked a bit differently. The main reason for hookah pens or electronic hookah heads is for those looking to break away from traditional hookah or cigarettes. A way to change it up or ween off smoking entirely. Sometimes it’s just about the convenience of a disposable hookah pen. A couple of puffs here and there instead of a complete setup and cleaning of your Khalil Mamoon. A more on-the-go hookah experience when the time isn’t available for a traditional hookah session with a rechargeable hookah pen. Or, skip the hassle of packing a hookah bowl with a refillable e hookah head. Whatever you’re reasoning, the options for e hookah are out there. We break down those choices into three categories: disposable hookah pens, refillable hookah pens, and the electronic hookah head.

Disposable Electronic Hookah Pen

The same idea as a disposable e-cigarette but usually with a hookah theme. Sometimes shaped like a hookah hose handle or with a hookah mouth tip. But, how do vape pens work? An electronic hookah pen uses a vape atomizer and usually a small lithium battery to heat up e-liquid and produce smoke-like vapor. These disposable versions come with a chamber filled with the e liquid flavors of your choice and are made to be tossed when the liquid runs out. There are many flavors to choose from big name brands such as Starbuzz E Hookahs with their E-Cig product and the Fantasia Hookah Pen. Disposable pens are available in nicotine-free or nicotine options. eGo-T Rechargeable Hookah Pen Blog SouthSmoke

Refillable Hookah Pens

Similar to the disposable hookah pen but the fun doesn’t stop! Running low on e-liquid? Grab another bottle of your favorite Hookafina E-Liquid and fill that chamber back up. Battery running low? No worries, just recharge it by plugging it in. And the flavor options are endless, similar to traditional hookah tobacco flavors. Rechargeable hookah pens are like a popular e cigarette starter kit. Normally consisting of a refillable flavor chamber, clearomizer (another name for atomizer) to heat the e-liquid and a battery with a charger. Grab the eGo-T E-Hookah Pen Starter Kit or the North Smoke Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose and get to puffing! Woman Smoking vapor from Aspire Electronic Hookah Head

Electronic Hookah Head

This e hookah option most closely resembles a vape mod. A much bulkier apparatus with larger batteries that can put out much more power and in turn, bigger clouds. These e hookah bowls actually attach to the top of a real hookah pipe and smoke similar to a traditional hookah session. The vape passes through the water in the hookah vase just like it would if you were smoking shisha tobacco. Refillable and rechargeable, e hookah heads can be very techy with digital displays showing puff counters, inhale timers and letting you adjust the voltage. The Starbuzz Wireless E-Head may be at the forefront of this technology but the Aspire Proteus E-Hookah and Square E-Head are hot on its tail. Woman smoking vape pen at hookah lounge

E-Liquid Flavors

The flavor options for your refillable shisha pen or e-head are endless. Fantasia offers a long list of their traditional hookah tobacco flavors in e-liquids. 4 Play, Dragons Breath, Purple Haze and Surfer are just a couple of the top names. All available in several nicotine levels. Hookafina E-Liquid has some great fruit and drink flavors as well like Citrusberry, Blueberry, Pina Colada and Irish Cream to name a few. These e hookah liquids offer flavors similar to traditional hookah tobacco and will have you wanting to try them all! Electronic hookah and e-pens can be a great way to change up your hookah or even help you quit smoking. Convenient, on-the-go and cleaner than traditional hookah. Make sure to check out for everything e hookah related!

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